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Intracom sponsors the program “Joining hands to eradicate the legal poverty on the border and the island through press publications”

This morning (September 9, 2016), Vietnam Law Newspaper in collaboration with Cat Hai District People’s Committee, Hai Phong city organized a donation ceremony for donors’ books, newspapers and gifts – one of the events that the French Newspaper Vietnamese law implemented to implement the project “Joining hands to eradicate poverty on the border and islands through press publications with the source of socialization”.

The implementation of propaganda, dissemination and legal education through press publications with socialized funding sources has been organized by the Law of Vietnam Law since 2007, with the participation of hundreds of businesses. Industry in the country.

In order to further promote the mobilization of sponsorship, to issue and distribute free publications to cadres, soldiers, people in border areas and islands and enhance the role of ministries, branches and authorities Local authorities in coordinating the implementation of this program, on January 12, 2016, the Minister of Justice signed Decision No. 43 / QD-BTP approving the Scheme on jointly eradicating poverty of the border and island. through press publications with the source of socialization.

This is a project to specify policies on socializing the propagation, dissemination and education of law, which is stipulated in the Law on popularization and legal education. The project will create an important legal basis for Bao to call for widespread support of businesses and the coordination of ministries, sectors and localities for the implementation of this deeply meaningful social program. .

The objective of the Scheme is to carry out the propagation, dissemination and education of laws on the border and the sea and islands in a regular, continuous and in-depth manner to the subjects who are officials, soldiers and people in the border areas contribute to raising the legal awareness on borders and islands and the policies of economic and social development in border areas, contributing to supporting people participate in the development of marine economy in combination with the protection of national sovereignty and sovereignty.

At the donation ceremony of books, newspapers and gifts from donors, Vietnam Law Newspaper gave Cat Hai island district 5,500 newspapers and 100 legal manuals on border and island; presented Hai Phong Border Guards Command with 7,400 newspapers and 100 books; gave the Coast Guard Region 1 5,500 newspapers and 50 books; Give 50 books to Cat Hai High School.

At the program, the Infrastructure and Transport Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Intracom) financed the program with some money, contributing to the development of the project. This activity aims to spread the love of the homeland, the island sovereignty spirit and national self-esteem for each staff of Intracom.

Speaking at the book and newspaper presentation in Cat Hai district, Colonel Pham Hong Phong, Deputy Political Commissar of Hai Phong Border Guard Command touched on behalf of officials and soldiers of the border guards of Hai Phong City Thanks to Vietnamese Law Newspaper and donors. Colonel Pham Hong Phong shared the strengthening of legal education for fishermen, officers of border soldiers and soldiers will make changes in awareness and actions of people and soldiers. This is a program with practical significance for people and agencies in Hai Phong City. Hopefully, in the coming time, Vietnam Law Newspaper will continue the journey of “Joining the law to eradicate poverty” to accompany the border guards in the propagation of laws on the border and islands.

Ms. Hoang Hong Luan, Vice Chairman of Cat Hai District People’s Committee, also on behalf of officials and people in Cat Hai district expressed her gratitude to donors and Vietnam Law Newspaper. Ms. Hoang Hong Luan said that Cat Hai district is the standard of law access. With the interest of the Newspaper in the issuance and distribution of legal propaganda publications on the border and islands, it will create more favorable conditions in raising legal access opportunities for island Cat district officials and people. Hai.

On behalf of Vietnamese Law Newspaper, Mr. Dang Ngoc Luyen, Standing Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Secretary of Party Committee affirmed that the implementation of the Joint Project on poverty elimination is a charitable social activity initiated by the Newspaper. happiness and fulfillment, having profound social significance, affirming the pioneering role of the Newspaper and sponsoring enterprises in the implementation of the law and the policy of the Government on socializing propaganda. , law dissemination and education. Mr. Dang Ngoc Luyen also expressed his sincere thanks to businesses who have accompanied and funded funds to buy and distribute books and to report to officials and soldiers in border areas and islands; Thanks to the coordination of the District Party Committee, People’s Committee of Cat Hai District and agencies and units of Hai Phong City, in collaboration with the Newspaper, to organize the successful delivery of books and reports to officials and soldiers and The Ministry of Justice’s scheme comes to life in the most practical way.

The ceremony of presenting books and newspapers to officers and soldiers in Cat Hai island district has closed, but Vietnamese law journalists still continue a long way of implementing the Joint Project on eliminating the legal poverty on the border, Sea island through press publications with socialization funding with a strong belief that the enthusiasm of Vietnamese Lawyers will spread to many agencies, organizations and businesses together to delete poor law, raising legal awareness to develop the economy and protect the country’s sovereignty.

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