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Intracom: Small story – Great morality

According to Decision No. 664 / TB-CT informing about “Cost-saving practice”, director of Infrastructure and Transport Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Intracom) requested employees to strictly implement the secretory process. Cost savings at all departments and sites. This is really a right and scientific decision because “Practicing savings is a practical action to protect the interests of ourselves and the collective”.

Why does the duck crawl through the sewers all day long?

When I was young, I lived with my grandmother in a suburban area of ​​Hanoi, which is the area of ​​Van Dien town, Thanh Tri district, Hanoi. Grandmother’s house raised a flock of ducks of about 5, 7 children. Every morning in the morning, she and her husband opened the gate to release the duck and when the light came in, the ducks ran and chirped. Their first task was to race right up to the ditch in the back of the house, burrowing down and scouring in that dark water very diligently.

I was surprised and asked my grandmother, “Grandma, why did the duck scoop the beak into the dirty sewage?”. She said: “He is looking for food in sewer water.” But grandma, why does the duck have to catch food in the sewer? ”. She looked at me with gentle eyes but also full of admiration and told me in a low and slow voice, as if conveying to me – a 7-year-old child – sacred message, as she had been heard, reminded from her own mother. Although that moment only happened for a few seconds, I suddenly found it strange. “My son, because the previous life duck is a human being, due to waste, destruction, due to not appreciating the efforts of others, especially disregarding rice seeds and rice grains, so this life is turned into a duck, bear The lifetimes look for the grain of rice that has been wasted for a lifetime, despised from the previous life in that dirty sewer! ”

Today my grandmother went away, but the moral stories she told me since childhood were always forever. And when I was 35 years old with two children, the first story I told them was the story, “Why does the duck find food all the time in the sewer?”.

Now, in every meal of my family, the rice bowl of the children is always clean, because after finishing the meal, the children also know how to use soup or white water to clean their bowl. Or when there are any specks of rice falling, the children will always pick up and put them in the bowl very naturally. Or very attention not to let the rice spill out, to avoid people passing by not to step on the rice grain will be dirty. So when you see rice grains and rice grains falling apart even though it is one, the children also bent and picked up and used the right purpose, as if they were clean, they used to eat, if they were dirty, they could go to the nest, or place Which is convenient for some small animal to be able to use it rather than throw it away. From there, every corner of vegetables, grass leaves, every drop of water, paper, household items, or the use of electricity and gas, … they all have the sense of cherishing, cherishing, preserving and saving. For example, when the door is opened, the children also use it gently because “if they force the door hard, it will hurt their mother” …

When I heard the story about the duck, my children looked at how the duck groped for food in the cold, wet rain, saying: “Mom, I love the duck, but I will not be guilty like a duck. Where? ”

It is also possible that they are not mature enough to understand Ly Nhan – Qua, but the Buddha’s tenets are not far away from Human Life, but rather when looking at Truth 4 Truth in which The suffering of Man is Real, our great Blessed One has Enlightenment and Saving sentient beings. Now Ly Nhan – The result is the core of Buddhism but also the core of Human Life. Deep News Human – Fruit, Practice of Humanity – Everywhere at all thoughts of action, from Body – Password – Italy that practice and practice forging in each person, surely this place of her grandmother will also become Pure Land happiness. And hell is also clean and quiet.

The Buddha taught: “If there is no penance method, then all Buddhists will not be liberated.” So right now, right now, at this moment, we all initiate the mind of repentance and correction. change the mistake. I have sown what I will reap. So “Blissful self-cultivation” from the smallest action, that is SAVE – RESPECT – KEEP WHAT everything we have, what we are used by an obvious fact: “Not self Of course, we have Yes and it is not natural for us to lose ”.

All follow the Law of Human – Fruit, cherish every moment we are living, every drop of water we use, every grain of rice we eat, every way we go, every roof we can live, … Both the premises of the headquarters and the workplace, as well as these facilities, are not natural, if we waste and despise lost, we will remove ourselves and lose ourselves.

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Deep news and Practice savings today for tomorrow!

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