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Intracom signed investment with Tokai after Shark Tank show

In Shark Tank season 2, Mrs. Ha Canh – CEO of Tokai Company, the owner of the Ghost House project, successfully drew attention with the deal of 25% of share in exchange for 12 billion VND at the beginning. Regardless of the rejection from 4 out of 5 Sharks about the feasibility of the project, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet was the only one exposing his faith in this transaction. After Ha Canh’s presentation for the capital, Shark Viet had comprehensive premeditation of the project’s growth in further future with the CEO and finally became the investor of the Ghost House project with the mutual agreement for 51% share exchanging for 12 billion VND. He also expressed the belief with the statement “There’s no risk, there’s no return”. This was also the second successful deal that Shark Viet has negotiated during the Shark Tank season.



The project had to experience the process of foreign investment legislation completion and business appraisal for the past 10 months and Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet has constantly visited Japan for market judgment and project support during this time.


Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet also provided the amount of $5,000 for the Vietnamese Association in Japan in the presence of representatives of both companies and the Vietnamese Association in Japan. 



Mr. Tran Ngoc Phuc – Chairman of the Vietnamese Association in Japan, the cooperation advisor accompanying Intracom and Tokai in investment activities, highly appreciated the cooperation for the common destination as helping Vietnamese living in Japan to have an opportunity to settle down there.


Ha Canh – CEO of Tokai expressed gratitude to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet for the support on the project since there was a lot of disapproval after the show. Tokai expected to promote cooperation with Intracom to create a residence for Vietnamese in Japan.


Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet decided to change business orientation since Tokai was still a new piece in the Japanese market. The Chairman of Intracom emphasized that he would keep offering support after the investment of 12 billion due to the social demand of human beings in different industries.


Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet continued to stay as a multi-talented guest in Shark Tank season 3 with 4 roles in 1 as a sponsor, an investor, a successful businessman, and an owner of a startup project – Phuong Dong General Hospital to spread his experience and enthusiasm to the startup community.

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