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Intracom Vinh Ngoc – The rank comes from the location

It is very rare for an urban residential project to have four well-ventilated sides without being obscured by another high-rise building as we can find in Intracom Riverside Project. From the project, the residents may overlook the whole city and the Red River. Traveling to the inner city in a short period of time is the project’s advantage. You only spend about 5 minutes to arrive at the West Lake. It can be said that this location is really one of the remarkable features of Intracom Riverside. In the context of more and more apartments built like “mushroom growth”, the choice of an apartment that is both modern and convenient is the top priority of the people. Intracom Vinh Ngoc is a place that meets such needs.

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Project’s design

The interior design style of Intracom Riverside apartments is highly appreciated by experts in the field of architecture and gets a great point scale. The open-designed apartments make best use of natural light and air. the apartments’ interiors are simply and sophisticatedly arranged.

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The apartments are designed with diversified area with 16 one-floor apartments. The area ranges from 46m2 – 51m2 – 57m2 – 60 – 64m2 – 66m2 – 71.8m2 – 74.7m2. It offers many options for customers. These small apartments are very suitable for newly-married young couples.

The layout of the apartment is focused on decorative motifs and modern interiors. The space of rooms is appropriately arranged. You will have a living space gathering around the family. The space of kitchen and bedrooms is also arranged so that it is the simplest. The smart interior design will create a spacious and comfortable space for your family. Modern and quality interiors will help make use of the apartment space. The residents will no longer worry about living in a cramped and stuffy apartment. With a simple and sophisticated style, Intracom Riverside will satisfy even the most fastidious customers.

Great living space value

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The natural landscape accounting for 60% of the area is the highlight in the project. The residents will experience a quiet and fresh space. In the afternoon, they may view the romantic Red River. In the evening you can see colorful lights from Nhat Tan Bridge from the balcony. Here, you can enjoy shopping in the busy commercial center. The entertainment facilities will bring your family the best experience. Health services, gym, etc. ensure your family’s health. You do not need to travel a long distance to have rest moments. Intracom Riverside will create a peaceful living space for you.

In addition, Intracom also facilitates the apartment buyers by offering reasonable price: about VND 17.7 million/square meter. This is a competitive price compared to the projects along the Red River. Intracom also coordinates with BIDV to introduce a loan of 70% of the contract value within 15 years with a preferential interest rate for 6 months.

With the discount and preferential policies, Intracom Riverside promises to bring the best experience to the people.


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