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Intracom residents are happy “2017 Full Moon Festival”

The program is an opportunity for the children to meet, interact, play, process lights, break the deck, and express the concern of the Board of Directors to the lives of Intracom residents and employees in the company. . Attending the program, there are many children and parents of Intracom residents and staff of Intracom make the atmosphere crowded and bustling.

At “Full Moon Festival Night”, Mr. Nguyen Dong Hai – Head of Intracom Trung Van Building Management Board gave a speech and sent Mid-Autumn Festival greetings to the children.

The program took place in a happy atmosphere, warm and full of laughter. Coming to the “Full Moon Festival”, the children were allowed to play with sand, sculpted statues, watch lion dance and the special performances performed by the children of Intracom residents, the uncle’s inhabitants. contributions and the children of Kidmoon Primary School show.

The program also has the participation of magicians to bring attractive, dramatic magic items, making the atmosphere even more exciting. The children of Intracom residents also received very lovely gifts from Mr. Cuoi and Ms. Hang when participating in answering quizzes, and playing a lot of interesting games such as: Crashing, statues, burning -biting bite-abdominal pain … Every child is eager to participate in play and receive gifts. The atmosphere of the “Full Moon Festival Night” was very happy.
The program ended with the procession of lights and broke with Ms. Hang, uncle Cuoi, everyone of Intracom were happy to show the success of the program “Full Moon Festival”.

Some pictures of the program:


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