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Intracom reaches the top 500 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam in 2018

On November 29th, 2018, at the National Convention Center, Hanoi, Vietnam Report SJC (Vietnam Report) coordinates with Electronic Newspaper, VietNamNet, to hold the Ceremony to announce the top 500 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam in 2018.

The honorees in the ceremony are those businesses with impressive business results, good profitability and potential to become pillars for the future development of Vietnam’s economy. The rankings are built with the desire to enhance the prestige and brand, helping enterprises attract resources, access new business opportunities through increasing trust with partners and investors, improve their competitiveness and develop sustainably in the context of increasingly intensive economic integration.

With outstanding contributions and business achievements, Intracom is proud to appear in the Profit500 ranking along with other big names of the Vietnam’s economy. Intracom’s operation fields such as clean energy production, investment in real estate, finance, construction and installation, agricultural production, production of building materials, health care, etc., all have made great progress. Among them, the promient ones are Intracom Riverside high-rise apartment project, Cam Thuy 1 Hydropower Plant project, a group of large and small hydropower plant projects in Lao Cai province such as Nam Pung, Po Ho, Ta Loi 1, 2, 3, etc. Especially, in 2018, Intracom marks an important milestone in the field of medical investment with the official operation of Phuong Dong General Hospital. This is a high-class hotel hospital model whose criteria reach international standards, promising to provide people with medical services with perfect quality.

The success of Intracom is thanks to macro factors such as stable politics – economy, improved investment environment, rapid increase of middle class, change in consumer habits and urbanization trends. In addition, right at Intracom, the wise guidance of the leaders, creative development orientation and the dedicated spirit of employees, etc., help Intracom get many great achievements. With this achievement, Intracom is expected to increasingly grow and become one of the pillars of Vietnam’s economy.


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