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Intracom put up the roof of Intracom Riverside project

The project of high-rise housing complex combined with Intracom Riverside office, Vinh Ngoc, Dong Anh, Hanoi is located at the golden position, close to the foot of Nhat Tan bridge, the northern gate of the capital, convenient for Move into the city center or go to the neighboring provinces.

With the adjacent school system, plus the Oriental polyclinic with international standards will help residents have the most comfortable and convenient life.

Intracom Riverside project is designed in modern European style combined with terrain near the prosperous Red River will be a perfect combination for a property worth living today.

In addition, on the campus of the project, the investor is also strong in investing in a system of synchronous internal facilities: a commercial center, a children’s play area, a gym … making every day living here becomes an exciting experience.

The highlight of the main project is 100% of standard designed apartments with 2 views of the Red River and the expensive Kim Quy Park with a rich area of ​​46 – 76 m2 which promises to meet the diverse needs of customers. line.

The convergence of all three expensive elements “the most nearsighted, the second near-sighted, the three-way road” of Intracom Riverside project promises to become a place to “mingle with nature and peace with the home” for the people of the capital.

For further information, please contact the Sales Department, Infrastructure and Transport Construction Investment Joint Stock Company, Telephone number: (024) 37 914 111 ext. 248, or hotline: 01658 565 565.

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