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Intracom proactively applies prevention measures in the face of the pandemic

Intracom’s Board of Directors promptly requested all employees of office and construction sites to strictly implement safety measures, and be prepared to adapt. Each employee needs to closely follow the Ministry of Health’s 5K masks, to wear masks, limit contact, and prevent gathering. All working areas are arranged with sanitizers, to recommend the hand-wash. Employees must ensure a minimum distance of 2 meters in work. Documents are to be signed and received at the door of the room, limiting travel and contact between company departments.

Intracom also issued specific instructions for pandemic prevention and strictly handle violating individuals and organizations. Each employee must declare their status on the Intracom Health Zalo Group daily for office review. If one employee has contracted or contacted Covid-19 individuals, he/she should immediately take measures to isolate and control the disease.

For other spaces, such as elevators and hallways, Intracom posted specific prevention measures and instructions. Work guests, residents, and employees within the building must wear masks and prevent talking within the elevator. Each elevator is equipped with an antiseptic solution, and the buttons for calling the elevator are also glued with nylon for easy cleaning.

Under Intracom’s leadership, each employee in the Intracom system voluntarily adapted, ensuring both pandemic prevention and work productivity.

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