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Intracom presents gifts for Chieng San primary and secondary school cluster in Muong La district – Son La

The mission consisted of representatives of trade unions and youth delegations led by Mr. Dinh Xuan Trong Hieu, the delegation gave 30 sets of tables and chairs and some gifts to the children of Chieng San school cluster.

After witnessing the difficulties of teachers and students in the extremely difficult areas and the damage caused by the historic flood, Mr. Hieu said: “It is known that this is the biggest flood in 70 years. causing many losses to people and people of Muong La district in general and Chieng San school cluster in particular. As soon as the flood of data passed, Intracom’s union and youth union launched a campaign to support people affected by the flood. And today I am also very honored to replace the trade union and youth union to be present here to give small gifts but it expresses the hearts of all Intracom employees ”.

Thanks to the hearts of employees of Intracom, Mr. Nguyen Manh Su – the principal of the school shared: “I am very touched by the affection and valuable support of Intracom employees and employees, on behalf of all officials , teachers and students, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Board of Directors, and all staff of Intracom, we will use the company’s gifts effectively and for the purpose of serving the teaching and learn better”.

Some pictures in the trip to give gifts:

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