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Intracom organizes Digital Marketing course for its staff and employees

Digital Marketing is an online marketing channel for products and services through the global connection, Internet. In the present age, the importance of Digital Marketing is undeniable. The most outstanding strengths of this marketing channel compared to other channels include: the ability to connect instantly with potential customers; large and fast spreading ability, eliminating all geographical distances; Attract more viewers with vivid graphic designs; lower cost than traditional marketing but bring huge profits, etc.

Having not ignored the global trend of Digital Marketing, Intracom focuses on new training and intensive training for its staff and employees, always updating technology to timely grasp and serve the market demand well.

The Digital Marketing course coordinated between Intracom and Litado Advanced Marketing Training School is an opportunity for Intracom’s staff and employees to update new and specialized knowledge in Digital Marketing, better serve their work. Under the guidance of the lecturer, Nguyen Manh Linh – a leading expert with extensive experience in Digital Marketing, Intracom’s staff and employees are gradually applying effectively and creatively the product marketing strategies on sales channels of Intracom.

The course is an indispensable demand because now, in parallel with the areas of strength such as real estate investment, construction, etc., Intracom is expanding and developing more new business fields such as health sector with Phuong Dong Medical Complex with the goal of bringing customers friendly health care services with high quality and reasonable prices.

Accompanying the staff and employees in the course, the representatives of Intracom’s Board of Management also attend to capture the new Marketing trend, solve difficulties in work and find long-term development orientation.

Digital Marketing course is not only an intensive practice for the staff and employees, but also affirms Intracom’s wholeheartedly seeking the truth and human resource development strategy in the new era.

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