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Intracom organized Training course on Journalism and Communication Skills

In November 2011, Infrastructure and Transport Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Intracom) successfully implemented the Media and Communication Skills Training Course, which is one of the courses in the strategic training plan. aiming at improving professional skills for staff of staff of Intracom’s Board of Directors.

Facing the trend of global integration and development, in the face of ever-increasing demands towards a sustainable and dynamic development, businesses must adapt and always demand new ones, Intracom’s leadership has coordinated In conjunction with the Office of Administrative Organization, the Company invites prestigious lecturers and long-term teaching experience to organize a training course on journalism – communication skills in a methodical and professional way for the team. Company officials and employees.

Intracom Press and Media Course consists of 3 classes: Press News Skills, Photo – Camera Skills and Photoshop Skills. Through the course, Intracom students have been equipped with basic knowledge in information capture, information processing and information transmission to help each Intracom employee enhance their ability to understand the fields of operation. production and business of the company, know how to master information thereby increasing confidence in working with partners and customers, increasing the cohesion and understanding of each employee with the company in general and with my work in particular.

Intracom Press and Media course has brought a joyful and enthusiastic learning atmosphere with useful results for each individual and with sustainable development for businesses.

Here are some photos taking place in the course:


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