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Intracom officially generates Nam Pung Hydropower Plant

Nam Pung hydropower plant is built on an area of ​​160 ha, located in Nam Pung commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. Nam Pung Hydropower Project has a capacity of 9.3 MW with 3 units.

This is one of eight ladder hydropower plants located in the hydropower cluster to Ngoi Phat (including Nam Pung, Ta Loi 1, Ta Loi 2, Ta Loi 3, Ngoi Phat, …) projects planned. with a total capacity of 108.4 MW, the total average power is 543.36 million kw / h.

On January 20, 2014, all 3 units of Nam Pung Hydropower Plant officially joined the National Grid and went into safe operation in the joy of all Intracom employees.

This is the second Intracom hydropower plant generating electricity after Ta Loi 3 hydropower plant. Although there are many difficulties and hardships during the construction process, all officials, employees and leaders The company has focused its energy and will to bring Nam Pung hydropower plant into the national grid.

Nam Pung hydropower is the result of the planning, research, construction process of many staff members of Intracom system. The Nam Pung hydropower event in the national grid will be a great motivation for Intracom employees to implement many upcoming big projects.


nam-pung-intracom1The panorama of the plant and the Nam Pung Hydropower Hydropower Pipe

nam-pung-intracom2Nam Pung Lake


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