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Intracom offers soft skill training classes for employees

The lesson focused on 3 basic topics including 3 mindsets of leadership, 3D principles, and 9 golden principles in behavior communication.




In the first lessons, besides sharing the principles of communication skills as how to listen and understand customers’ psychology and behaviors, Dr. Hoang Thu Cuc also pointed out the problems of limited communication at work by giving attractive realistic examples for Intracom employees to discuss and take out the solution and establish a prestigious business image toward customers.



The organizing training course is a part of a training plan of sustainable development of the company, exposing the Company’s leaders’ regular concern in training and improving skills for employees.



Soft skills training course held regularly on Saturday mornings starting from February 15th is an occasion for each employee to have an opportunity to accumulate useful knowledge applied in work and to exchange experience and solutions with colleges, thereby learning and understanding each other better.


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