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Intracom Labor Union presents gifts to families of War Invalids and Martyrs

Promoting the spirit of drinking water to remember the source, on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of War invalids and martyrs (July 27, 1947 – July 27, 2011), Trade Union of Transport and Infrastructure Construction Joint Stock Company (INTRACOM) organized a visit and gave 16 gifts to employees of War invalids and martyrs working at the Company.

Contributing to increase the revolutionary potential, consolidating the mass unity of the whole people and grassroots to maintain the socialist orientation, contributing to combating the tricks of hostile forces to divide the great unity block people, smear the heroic past of the nation, the day of war invalids and martyrs was born.

This holiday is recognized as an expression of the tradition of drinking water to remember the source, the gratitude, the fruit and the memory of those who plant trees in Vietnam. Thereby propagating and educating the young generation about gratitude for those who have contributed to the Revolution so far.

The gifts presented on this occasion have shown the interest of Intracom leaders and employees to the employees’ families and at the same time recognized and honored the achievements and dedication of war invalids, sick soldiers, martyrs and families. Communal house with the country.

Drinking water to remember the source, gratitude is a good tradition of Intracom. This is a practical activity to show the morality of drinking water, remembering the source and gratitude of Intracom in particular and our nation in general for those who have contributed to the cause of national construction and defense.

This activity contributes to boosting the awareness and responsibility of staff in preserving good traditions inherent in Intracom.

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