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Intracom invested 10 billion VND for CDTS

CDTS is a company producing the workwear of female CEO 9x Do Thi My Dieu. After successfully calling with Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet on Shark Tank television, the two sides quickly carried out the evaluation of enterprises to promote investment.

The appraisal process between Intracom and CDTS took place in 100 days, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet decided to invest VND 5 billion in CDTS with 36% of shares as committed and agreed to pour another VND 5 billion in the form of a loan incentives for working capital, bringing the total investment to 10 billion.

Sharing about the advantages and opportunities for future development, CEO Do Thi My Dieu said: “In Vietnam, there are many labor protection products but most of them have to be imported at high prices. CDTS can provide such products with similar quality but much lower prices. CDTS is targeting Korean businesses in Vietnam. This is a trillion market and I am confident to “win” in this market. My Dieu’s desire is that by 2025, CDTS will become a billion-dollar company.

In addition to CDTS, in the program of Commercial Silver, Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet also committed to invest in other businesses: Solar Heat, Tokai, Vina Banana and Plasma with a total investment value of VND 47,150 billion.

Intracom’s capital investment contract for CDTS is the first successful deal while the “Billions of Silver Deal” program is still broadcasting. This is a strong encouragement for projects in the process of investment appraisal and young start-ups seeking capital.

Sharing about the field of investment CEO Nguyen Thanh Viet said: “I will not be limited in the areas that I have previously participated in such as construction, real estate … Intracom currently pursues many business segments. And wherever we go, we study seriously. If we have the opportunity, we won’t ignore it. “

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