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Intracom Invest officially signed an investment agreement for BluSaigon

On April 21, 2022, in Ho Chi Minh City, Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet and Intracom Invest officially signed an investment agreement for BluSaigon. This deal is highly appreciated by experts because of its environmentally friendly products, helping to preserve the nation’s thousand-year-old traditional craft of mosaic and supporting young start-ups to realize their desire to elevate products with beauty. Vietnamese culture.

On May 25, 2021, BluSaigon brand founder Ton Nu Xuan Quyen appeared with an impressive fundraising at Shark Tank Vietnam. As the daughter of “King of Buttons” Ton Thanh Nghia, CEO Ton Nu Xuan Quyen did not choose to take over the family business (Ton Van Company – specializes in exporting seashell and pearl buttons to other countries. world) but chose to go with the craft of inlaying pearls with the main product being Pearl Pen.

The unique feature of the product lies in the unique vein, the sophistication and talent from the hands of the craftsman who has turned the inanimate pearl and snail shells into soulful pens and jewelry products. life stories themselves.

Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet and CEO Xuan Quyen in the billion-dollar deal program (Shark Tank Vietnam).

It is this uniqueness that helps BluSaigon’s products, although only a few years old, have established a position in the market, receiving praise and request for capital from 2/4 “Investment Shark”. Right on television, Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet – Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of Intracom Group gave CEO Xuan Quyen unique business suggestions.

Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet has rich historical and cultural knowledge, along with extensive market experience, the Intracom ecosystem brings together startups in many fields, including technology startups and environmental ecology. The sea is that Triip and Namaste can form a link in production and business development, CEO Xuan Quyen accepts the investment proposal of Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet and becomes a part of the ecosystem of Intracom Group.

On April 21, 2022, Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet and Intracom Invest (belonging to Intracom Group) officially signed an investment agreement for BluSaigon.

After shaking hands on television, Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet and the Intracom Group team embarked on investment appraisal. However, the shutdown of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi respectively due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic has made the appraisal slower than expected and can only be done in the form of online (online).

Sharing about the deal, Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet said: “I appreciate the founder’s independence and innovation-oriented business mindset. In addition to preserving the traditional craft and honoring the skillful craftsmanship, BluSaigon expressed the desire to make the product a national gift and reach the international level. I strongly support that because Vietnam has many unique products and services, but in reality, there are not many products that can do this.”

During the business appraisal, Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet gave many suggestions and orientations to help BluSaigon perfect the product and build new ideas in business. Ta Thanh Thien Pen product has been successfully R&D and is expected to launch in June.

Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet experiences BluSaigon’s products.

Discussing the development orientation after receiving the investment, CEO Ton Nu Xuan Quyen shared: “The pinnacle fine art product must be a rhythmic combination of craftsmanship from artisan hands and technology. With the help of Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet and businesses in the Intracom Group’s ecosystem, BluSaigon will scale up, train the team, upgrade the customer experience, and continue to tell inspiring stories. Vietnamese national god, and at the same time, digitize production to improve efficiency.

We will also continue to improve the brand image to “grow” faster, wishing that one day when mentioning unique Vietnamese gifts as gifts to international friends, people will immediately think of BluSaigon!”

Besides investing in machinery, perfecting more creative pen designs, BluSaigon is currently focusing on researching and testing special mosaic techniques to create visual effects and enhance cultural experiences. on each product, thereby changing the user’s mind: “Pen is not only a pen but also a fashion, a pride, a memento carrying stories that are passed on.”

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