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Last autumn, I was invited to attend the Mid-Autumn Festival party at Infrastructure and Transport Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Intracom).

In his stomach, he thought, “It’s just a formal ceremony, parents take me to receive gifts, rewards, that’s all!” But when I arrived at the place, the bustling and colorful scenery at the big hall, with The sound of children playing with a busy and familiar sound like I had been familiar with my body made me completely surprised. Asking out that this is not the first time the company has organized such events. In fact, taking care of both material and spiritual life of employees and especially caring about their children – those The preschool of the country and is expected to be a future member of Intracom is always the top management of the company.

Developing people to serve production and business
Ms. Loan, an employee of the Finance and Accounting Department, said: “The average salary of 5 million / month of an Intracom employee does not say much because it may be low compared to large and high enterprises compared to enterprises. small business. What is special here is that 100% of Intracom’s official employees undergo professional training courses organized by the company. ”This is the strategy of developing people in depth, creating long-term benefits for every employee under the roof of Intracom.
Even in 2008, when all businesses were affected by the financial crisis and Intracom was not an exception, the company did not neglect that responsibility. workers. Instead of laying off employees, Intracom considers it a golden opportunity to focus on training to help employees improve their professional skills.
Not only have the opportunity to learn, at Intracom, each employee is always respected for his career. Mr. Chien, an expert in the Investment Department of the Hydropower Project, said: “The leaders do not assign jobs to the employees but ourselves – the new employees are the ones who assign the jobs to the leaders. Every Monday of the week, the company held a briefing session with the participation of management and all employees in the company. This is both a culture and a form of leadership to meet and exchange work directly with employees. We can freely promote our creativity by proposing new ideas. ”
It is the creation of a healthy and fair working environment that has helped Intracom “hold on” to talents.

Building a strong corporate culture
When I visited Intracom for the second time, amidst the vast space of rooms with office equipment that seemed to be cold, we encountered slight nods, warm smiles when two colleagues passed each other. . Talking to Mr. Duong – Head of Administrative Organization, he smiled and explained: “Intracom is not just a workplace but also a big family.”
Indeed, towards building Intracom to become the second family for all employees is the wish of the company’s leadership. Although the average age of the staff here is quite young, 30-35 years old, there is still a generation of “old men.” Therefore, the difference in opinion cannot be avoided due to the difference. age. However, all employees of Intracom are always in the same role, standing side by side to overcome all difficulties.
An employee’s job here made us very impressed. It was in the kitchen of the company, everyone at the end of the meal voluntarily packed their leftover trays into the sink. A small act but expressing the spirit of solidarity, contributing to sharing heavy work for colleagues in the kitchen.
Having this organic cohesion is thanks to the company making constant efforts to build a strong corporate culture. With practical actions, the company leaders always want to direct their employees to the goal of Truth – Compassion – America. For example, on the days of the lunar calendar and the first lunar month, the company invites the good intellectuals to talk about philosophy and morality. Or on the occasion of April 30 & May 1, instead of going on vacation, the brothers in the company contributed bonuses together, visited the nursing center of Thuan Thanh and Bac Ninh soldiers. This activity is gradually entering orbit and becoming the company’s own culture.
Not only taking care of the spiritual life for employees, the company also has charitable activities, demonstrating corporate responsibility to society. Currently, the company is taking care of Vietnamese heroic mother Pham Thi Hoa. In early 2009, Intracom’s leaders and employees launched the Charity Bracelet Fund with a series of specific and practical activities, which were maintained on a regular basis such as weekly staff and turns to Thanh Hospital. Free porridge free, visiting Agent Orange children, blood donation, …
Two times to visit the company, I have no luck to meet the General Director. But just by looking at the eyes of each employee’s pride when asked about the company, I can also imagine what he and the board of Intracom has done. On the day of Vietnamese businessmen, I wish to wish him peace and Intracom always shine, just like the slogan of the company:

Intracom – Shining with the country!

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