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Intracom in Shark Tank Season 4 – Make Startup Dreams Reality

Formed in 2002, through 20 years of development, Intracom is and will always establish its success in multiple fields: real estate, healthcare, energy, production of construction materials, financial investment … 

On a stable financial foundation, experience, and reputation, along with the drive to create sizeable infrastructures and projects, Intracom has continued its expansion in the field of tourism and leisure real estate. Our group plans to build a tourism complex with a modern and luxurious theme with a projected completion date of 2022. 

Intracom Group understands the plight and difficulty of creating a business in a competitive environment and plans to help upcoming startups on Shark Tank Vietnam – Season 4. This is an incredible opportunity to encourage infant business projects, bringing intrinsic values to our growing economy, both micro and macro.

At the announcement meeting of all cooperating businesses with Shark Tank, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet – President of Intracom Group, also one of the Sharks, shares: “I’m coming into season 4 with the same tastes and ideals, always investing in fields according to society’s needs and people’s wants. With the role of an investor, I want to inspire my energy and drive to our inheritors and extend our dreams. Therefore, I am ready to financially support any startups that can show a promising idea.” Moreover, Shark Viet also advises startups to build a sophisticated plan. 

Intracom Group investment agreement with DalatFOODIE – A startup that successfully raised capital at Shark Tank Vietnam Season 3

To place our hearts into business, to pass the torch to the next generation, to invest in “society’s needs and people’s wants” is the main and undying promise of Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet in all seasons.

Here are a few photos of the press conference of Shark Tank Vietnam, Season 4

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