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Intracom implements a program to manage carbon emissions

Recognizing the importance of the impact on the environment from the development of hydropower projects, on June 10, 2010, Infrastructure and Transport Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Intracom) made the carbon emissions management program for Ta Loi 3 hydropower project is located in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, through the signing of a carbon purchase and sale contract.

“Clean Development Mechanism” (CDM) is a special commodity, this sale is new in our country but in fact is becoming more active on a global scale.

The Kyoto Protocol (approved by 160 countries on December 11, 1997) has the effect that countries participating in this decree must cut greenhouse gas emissions as they have committed. In particular, cutting CO2 or some equivalent emissions. This is a mechanism for countries to fulfill their obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as committed in the Kyoto Protocol on environmental protection.

One of the ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions is to reduce energy consumption. But if energy consumption is reduced, it will affect industrial development as well as many economic sectors, in addition to investment costs will be very high, meanwhile, Kyoto protocol has a global meaning and opportunities flexible mechanism to create conditions for countries to fulfill their commitments. It is only necessary to have “certified greenhouse gas emission reduction certification” in hand, regardless of whether the certification is originated or implemented in any country, it is accepted to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as committed. in this protocol.

Thus, through this contract, Intracom has owned a certificate of the ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Intracom has affirmed the sense of environmental protection in investment, production and business activities in a scientific way, meeting the criteria of sustainable development of businesses today.

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