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Intracom holds the Ceremony of closing 2107 and assigning the plans of 2018

The closing and plan-assigning ceremony is an annual activity of Intracom. This is also an opportunity for all staff and employees to meet, gather and evaluate achievements and outstanding issues after a year of development.

At the ceremony, the representatives of companies in Intracom system present the reports summarizing the achievements and limitations and difficulties in 2017. Then, the heads of departments and units receive the plans of 2018 assigned by the company’s management on a spirit of high determination, ready for a new year with many new challenges.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Trung – Head of Planning and Accounting Department of Infrastructure Investment and Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company presents the summary report of 2018.

Khai Minh Co., Ltd receives the plans of 2018

Udideco receives the plans of 2018

The advisor of Intracom Company assigns the plans to Intracom Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company

Phuong Dong Medical Complex Co., Ltd. receives the plans of 2018

Infrastructure Investment and  Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company receives the plans of 2018

With specific interactive questions, Ms. Tran Thi Ly – Company Advisor, on behalf of the Board of Management, delivers a speech to encourage and remind the companies to make more specific and detailed plans. On that basis, the Company Advisor also encourages the staff and employees to deploy their work quickly to achieve the proposed plans.

Ms. Tran Thi Ly – Company advisor

Mr. Le Duc Hung – Director in charge of the Power Projects presents the progress of the projects under the responsibility of the Hydropower Project Investment Department.

At the end of the program, representing all staff in Intracom system, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thai Son – Director of Phuong Dong General Hospital affirms his determination to put the Hospital into smooth operation, meeting the Plan targets of 2018. In the same spirit, the companies within Intracom system are also committed to striving and even exceeding the assigned plans.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thai Son representing the staff and employees commits to effectively implementing the Plans of 2018.


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