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Intracom has invested in upgrading new rural road at Van Ban district, Lao Cai province

Van Ban district, located in the Southeast of Lao Cai province – a huge available potential of natural resources for hydropower, extractive industry, etc, has the majority of ethnic minorities as Tay, Mong, Sa Pho, Dao living on mountains from 700 meters to 1500 meters in height. Van Ban recently has been strongly developing despite the difficulties of a remote area.


As an investor of the project, Intracom has supported the locality in upgrading and constructing a new road connecting the two communes of Khanh Yen Ha and Chieng Ken, the two poorest remote communes of Van Ban district. The road made of concrete will replace the former sloppy roads and combine two communes.


 Situation of inter-commune roads at Chieng Ken and Khanh Yen Ha before Intracom invested in upgrading and expanding

This inter-commune road project invested by Intracom has a total capital of more than 40 billion VND with the construction unit is Urban Investment and Industrial Zone Development Joint Stock Company (Udideco) – a unit of Intracom Group. The road has been partially completed 2.2 out of 8 kilometers in length including the scale of 5 meters for surface and 1m for roadside on each side. 



The inter-commune road has now been concreted, bringing many advantages for the people of the two communes and surrounding areas

The Khanh Yen Ha and Chieng Ken inter-commune road is a new achievement in the local living standard transformation when the movement is much more convenient due to the decrease in muddy and slippery roads. 





The happiness on new road, new home of the locals

Moreover, this is a step further in the effort to reach the new Rural standard (in a total of 19 criteria, divided into 5 groups according to Decision No. 491/QD-TTG dated April 16th, 2009, including the criteria on rural transport of Infrastructure – Economy – Society), contributing to promoting the general improvement of the district in particular and the whole province in general.

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