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Intracom had a meeting with students of the Faculty of Office Administration of Hanoi Interior University

Intracom and Hanoi Interior University have had a long-standing relationship with many exchanges occasion held between the two units. Having a recommendation from the Interior University for the meeting program, Intracom created favorable conditions for the college students to visit, learn about the office work and practical experiences in the fields of activities, cultural environment in business.

At the meeting, after the introduction about Intracom’s fields of activity, Hanoi Interior University teachers and students had time to ask questions, exchange directly and enthusiastically about the office administration industry with staff in charge of expertise at Intracom.

Intracom staff enthusiastically shared with students useful experiences accumulated over many years working in the company.

This is a premise for students to have a deeper understanding of how the knowledge they have learned is applied in practice as well as the answer about specializing questions from people with in-depth experience in the field of administration.

The visit and meeting at Intracom enterprises have contributed to strengthening the exchange between the two units, creating cohesion and companionship between businesses and schools in training, linking theory and practice. Thereby, it helps the students to prepare for themselves the necessary knowledge to gradually step in the career ahead.

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