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Intracom Group was founded on December 21, 2002, and by 2022, it has just completed 20 years of establishment and development. In order to make a mark, affirm the achieved achievements, thank the efforts and dedication of generations of leaders and employees of the company, as well as create an atmosphere of exciting competition, and improve morale, to unite and bond among members of the group, Intracom Group launched a series of contests and sports festivals to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Intracom Logo Contest

The contest is organized for the purpose of spreading the values ​​and identity of brand identity of Intracom Group both old and new, promoting and expecting employees to unite towards the orientations and wills of the Company leaders that convey through the company logo. Through the contest, the Organizing Committee also wants to connect the company culture, and build a friendly, open, and dynamic working environment.

Contestants: All employees of Intracom Group office block

Contest content: The organizers will send the explanation with the old and new Logo. Contestants will write their feelings about the new Logo from the angles of Logo form & meaning and their own thoughts on changing from the old Logo to the new Logo.

Deadline for submissions:

Round 1: Receive articles from November 15 to November 22, 2022.

Round 2: Live speech contest on December 3, 2022

Prize structure: 01 First prize; 01 second prize; 01 third prize; 02 Consolation prizes

“Intracom Warriors 2022” Competition

“Intracom Warriors 2022” promises to be an extremely exciting and surprising contest. Through questions about the formation and development of Intracom Group, internal rules, regulations, corporate culture, and professional situations raised by the Board of Directors, staff will have the opportunity to improve their understanding and demonstrate their ability to respond flexibly. From there, it evokes good human values ​​for each employee to love and appreciate the common roof of Intracom Group.

Exam time: December 3, 2022

Participants: All employees of Intracom Group office block

Contest content and format:

Round 1: Written exam about the formation and development of Intracom Group, company rules, and regulations

Round 2: Competition between teams

Round 3: Speech contest

Prize structure: 01 First prize; 01 second prize; 01 third prize; 02 Consolation prizes

“Future in your eyes” Drawing contest 

As part of the series of activities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Intracom Group, the painting contest will open a very useful playground for the children of Intracom employees to unleash their creativity and express their thoughts on life.

Participants: All children of Intracom employees under 14 years old.

With the theme “FUTURE IN YOUR EYES”, children will convey lovely messages and a clear vision of the future through colorful drawings. Not only showing the children’s painting ability, and sensitive and rich souls before life, but each picture will be a hope for a humane society and a better future.

Exam time: From November 15, 2022 – November 24, 2022

Mom and Dad send original products are pictures of children with explanations about the meaning of the picture (no more than 100 words).

Prize structure:01 First prize; 01 second prize; 01 third prize; 02 Consolation prizes

All entries will be framed for display at the 20th anniversary of the company’s establishment and will be introduced through Intracom Group’s Media channels.

“Intracom colors 2022” Fashion design contest

The fashion contest with the theme “Colors of Intracom Group 2022” wishes to evoke deep human values, portraying the beautiful image of each Intracom person in different roles.

The message of the contest is that no matter who we are, what position we hold in society, or whatever profession we do, we are all valuable, worthy of respect, playing a certain role, and color our faces. life on its own merits. Please grasp your own values, and use professional understanding, and ethical values ​​in lifestyle to devote to the common development of the company and the country.

Contestants: All departments, departments Intracom Group

Contest content: The teams will design unique and eye-catching costumes around the theme: “Colors of Intracom Group 2022”

Each outfit will be accompanied by a description of the idea, the meaning to form that outfit, and the message the team wants to convey through the design outfit.

Requirements for contest products:

  • Quantity: 02 outfits/1 team
  • Materials: All types of materials are used, except fabric.
  • No color restriction.
  • Encourage teams to design more accessories such as bags, shoes, hats, hats, etc. to enrich the outfit.
  • Each costume must be accompanied by a description of the idea, material, message, etc. of that outfit.
  • Teams send product photos to BTC before December 18, 2022.

Prize structure:01 First prize; 01 second prize; 01 third prize; 04 Consolation prizes

The costumes will be performed and awarded on the 20th anniversary of the company’s establishment. Each room will assign 2 people to perform the costumes and 1 person to present the design ideas during the performance.

Intracom Open Soccer Tournament 2022

The 2022 Intracom Open Football Tournament is organized to create a playground that contributes to promoting the sport movement, improving cultural and spiritual life, and enhancing exchanges and solidarity among member units of the system. Intracom system and its partners, and at the same time build the beauty of Intracom culture.

Hold time:

  • Group stage: December 4, 2022
  • Semi-finals and finals: December 10, 2022

Prize structure: First prize; The second prize; The third prize; Style Award

Through the series of contests, the leadership of Intracom Group wants each employee to better understand the 20-year journey of formation and development, continue to devote, help the company overcome difficulties and challenges ahead, and be sustainable. step on a new journey for Intracom Group to grow stronger and shine with the country.

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