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Intracom Group has just been honored with the title of "Top 10 Asia - Pacific Outstanding Brand 2022" taking place on the morning of October 22, 2022, in Ho Chi Minh City. The award is based on international evaluation standards for businesses with high-quality products and services, leading brands, applying science and technology to production and business management, building brands, etc. sustainable development in the Vietnamese and world markets.

Asia – Pacific Outstanding Brand 2022 is an award held annually, voted by the Asia-Pacific Economic Journal under the supervision of the Asia Information Promotion Association (AIPA – Korea). The winning title is approved by the Voting Council based on the following criteria: Being a prestigious and leading brand in the market; Quality products and services in the market; Sustainable development strategy in the market; Making important contributions to the regional economy; Social and community responsibility; Comply with regulations on Environment, Customs, and Tax; Register for trademark protection in the international market.

Besides, depending on each business field, the Voting Council will evaluate specific evaluation criteria such as: Start-up & Business; Management philosophy; Technology activities – creativity; Financial capacity; Human Resources; Marketing strategy; Products – Services in circulation, social responsibility Leadership and business, Certificates of merit, certification… The evaluation and assessment are led by leading economic and technical experts in Asia and the world.

Overcoming thousands of nominations of brands, Intracom Group was honored with the “Top 10 Asia-Pacific Outstanding Brand 2022″. This is a worthy achievement for Intracom Group’s unremitting efforts, affirming the right direction of the group in the cause of sustainable development and “shining with the country”.

Intracom Group is a multi-sector investment enterprise in Vietnam, operating in the fields of renewable energy, agriculture, environment, healthcare, and real estate… After more than 20 years of establishment and development, until now, Intracom Group has established and maintained its position as the leading investor and developer in Vietnam with more than 30 member companies, thousands of employees, and hundreds of investment projects in many fields, expanding branches to Singapore and Japan.

All products and services provided by Intracom Group are formed and developed from the heart, love, and responsibility. Intracom Group is always committed to bringing high-quality products and perfect services to partners and customers and makes constant efforts to become a leading multi-industry economic group in Vietnam, contributing to the development of society. and national status.

The award “Top 10 Asia – Pacific Outstanding Brand 2022” continues to affirm the imprint and position of Intracom Group in the domestic and international markets.

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