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During more than 20 years of establishment and development, Intracom Group has always realized that fulfilling social responsibilities is not only contributing to the community but also a strategy to develop and meet the needs of customers in the future.

Good implementation of social responsibility is the foundation for development 

The current economic transformation has created many new requirements and new challenges for businesses. A business to be able to develop and reach far beyond is not only about building, producing, and selling products and services but also must create values ​​and responsibilities to the community and society.

During the development journey, Intracom Group has always make a strong impression on the community and society. Instead of choosing a safe path, and avoiding risks, Intracom Group chooses a development orientation that is to invest in building social projects that are lacking and people need. Each project integrates solutions to minimize the impact on the environment, paying attention to the harmony of people, nature, and the sustainable development of society.

With dedication and efforts, over the years, Intracom Group has created a world-class ecosystem circle, from renewable energy production, environmental solutions, and agriculture, to building homes for residents, an ideal workplace for businesses, providing high-class resort services, and world-class health care – treatment…

Intracom Group also attaches special importance to ensuring both material and spiritual benefits for all employees because Intracom Group always considers that people are the greatest asset. Good human resources are the foundation for good ideas, professionalism, creativity, stability, and humanity. Along with that, Intracom Group also actively carries out volunteer activities for the community, sponsoring education and supporting disadvantaged people across the country.

The results in the good implementation of social responsibility are a solid foundation for Intracom Group to steadily develop and reach out.

Create sustainable values ​​for the community and society

As a strong investor in clean energy development, Intracom Group has brought light to change many poor rural villages in the Northwest and North Central regions. Up to now, Intracom Group has developed a series of hydropower plants such as Cam Thuy 1, Ta Loi 2, Ta Loi 3, Nam Pung… and most recently, Po Ho hydropower plant. During the construction process of power generation projects, in addition to quality assurance and occupational safety, Intracom also pays special attention to minimizing natural impacts, creating work create jobs for unskilled labor, create leverage to promote socio-economic development – the infrastructure of the locality.

In addition, Intracom Group also pays special attention to the field of education and accompanies many universities and colleges throughout the country on the issue of combining training resources, supporting students’ startup ideas, Opening the chance to welcome young students, and fostering talents. At the same time, actively participate in constructive activities, share experiences, and inspire many young people, startups, and businesses…

Recently, as a guest speaker, Intracom Group Chairman Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet participated in a capacity-building training for disadvantaged groups sponsored by the Ministry of Planning and Investment. Nguyen Thanh Viet emphasized, Intracom Group invests in the main fields of clean energy, environmental solutions, high-tech agriculture, real estate investment, and healthcare, all of which can be opened. job opportunities, ready to accept workers who are people with disabilities to work. In particular, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet shared that he will create conditions and have policies to support office space for social enterprises with disabled employees, start-up consulting support, and direction for social enterprises, consulting on marketing strategies to bring products to potential customers, cross-border sales.

It can be seen that, during its development journey, Intracom Group not only brings customers and partners quality products and projects but also constantly creates sustainable values ​​for the community and society. The implementation of social responsibilities not only affirms Intracom Group’s brand, and helps Intracom Group accompany the common development of the country, but also creates human values, builds corporate culture, co increasing the competitiveness of Intracom Group in the integration period.

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