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On the morning of October 27, 2022, in Hanoi, Intracom Group and Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Agribank - Hoang Quoc Viet Branch signed a credit contract to finance Muong Lam Hydropower Project worth 440 billion VND.

Muong Lam hydropower project is built on the mainstream of the Ma river, in the territory of Chieng En and Bo Sinh communes, Song Ma district, Son La province. The project is invested by Intracom Group, Udideco is the main construction unit.

Muong Lam hydropower project has a total investment of 685 billion VND, is a post-dam hydroelectric plant with main items including: reservoir, concrete dam, flood protection works, and hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 18MW. The project is expected to be completed and connected to the national grid in the fourth quarter of 2024.

In addition to the main task of contributing to the annual stable supply of electricity to the national grid system, Muong Lam Hydroelectricity will create new and stable jobs for thousands of local workers, contributing to economic growth. sustainable local growth through contributions to the state budget, the construction of new transport routes to help connect trade, and economic and social development.

In the spirit of goodwill cooperation, through the process of appraisal, feasibility, and socio-economic efficiency, the Muong Lam hydropower project was officially approved by the Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Agribank approved credit extension with the amount of 440 billion VND.

Intracom Group is an enterprise operating in many fields, in which renewable energy is one of the four key investment fields. Typical energy projects of Intracom Group connected to the national grid can be mentioned such as: Cam Thuy 1 Hydropower Plant, Nam Pung Hydropower Plant, Ta Loi 2 Hydropower Plant, Ta Loi 3 Hydropower Plant, Po Ho Hydropower Plant… hydroelectricity, Intracom Group is also the investor of many wind energy, solar energy, and biomass power projects.

It is expected that after the Muong Lam hydropower project is put into operation, it will provide an average of 65.02 million kWh/year of electricity, contributing to ensuring national energy security and socio-economic development for Son La province in particular and the Northwest region in general.

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