Intracom Group

Intracom Group affirms its multi-industry position

Efforts to overcome difficulties during the epidemic, ensure operations and maintain income for thousands of employees are the bravery of the captain of Intracom Group.

With nearly 2 decades of establishment and development, rising up with the desire to shine with the country, in any circumstances, Intracom Group has created a multi-industry ecosystem, affirming a solid position in the world’s leading industries. fields: Real estate, renewable energy, health care, financial investment, production of natural medicinal herbs…

Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet and a team of doctors and nurses visit a high-quality treatment clinic. Photo of Hoang Anh

A bright spot in trouble

Sharing about the operation of enterprises in the past year, Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet – Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of Intracom Infrastructure Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company (Intracom Group) recognized that the economy could be said Vietnam’s economy in 2021 is still heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, of which enterprises are no exception. Covid-19 has caused record numbers but in a way we don’t want.

However, in difficulties, Intracom has time to look back to change, find solutions to adapt and develop. Besides maintaining the projects already in operation, but also promoting research and investment in more projects in provinces and cities across the country. Phuong Dong General Hospital continues to be a reliable address for people’s medical examination and treatment, and at the same time makes positive contributions to the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The proof is that businesses have made efforts to ensure income for employees during the epidemic. The staff of Intracom Group is now more than 1,000 people, the scale in 2021 will not only decrease but also increase, especially in the last months of the year when Intracom Group promotes production and business activities.

Overall, despite the significant impact of the epidemic, Intracom’s production and business situation in 2021 also has many bright spots, which is a lever for us to implement the plan to accelerate in 2022. Still complicated, in order to adapt safely, flexibly and effectively control the Covid-19 epidemic, Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet shared, not only now but since the epidemic, Intracom Group has determined to push Strengthening production and business must go hand in hand with disease prevention and workers’ health.

First, Intracom Group established the enterprise’s Covid-19 Prevention and Control Department to promptly handle emergency situations. At the same time, promulgate working procedures, adaptive management to the epidemic, and prevention of possible risks. Enterprises promulgate specific regulations for employees working at offices and construction sites to ensure epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with the Government’s regulations. Only when the health of workers is guaranteed, production and business plans can be implemented.

Unique business to stand

The solution to help Intracom manage and operate effectively is digital transformation. Most Intracom employees are used to working from home, meeting online, or assigning and managing work on software. Thanks to that, despite the distance, the work flow still works.

However, the problem is that the digital transformation speed of enterprises and state management agencies is not synchronized. This affects the progress of legal implementation of projects. Therefore, from the business side, I hope that the digital transformation process will take place synchronously so that the activities can be carried out quickly and smoothly. In addition, I hope that the Government will continue to have mechanisms and preferential policies on capital so that businesses can maintain operations while waiting for a recovery or breakthrough in the context of the pandemic.

I have always thought that the marketplace is not a battlefield. Enterprises do business to create value together, for themselves, for their families and for society. Therefore, businesses should lead each other to develop together. Do not ignore everything for the sake of winning or losing, but instead do business in a more unique and creative way to be able to stand firmly in the market. Competition to improve product quality is the perfect competition in today’s life.

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