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Intracom Group – 19 Years of Steady Development

December 21st is a special day for Intracom’s family. On December 21st, 2002, Intracom was established under the expectations of the Board of Directors. Through a long period of dedication and innovation, steadfast in its mission, Intracom’s individuals have written incredible achievements.

A challenging and arduous journey

19 years is neither long nor short for a business. In hindsight, Intracom’s 19 years have achieved growth in many sectors. Intracom’s members have the right to be proud.

Despite the ravages of the pandemic, unlike many other companies within the market, Intracom’s employees stood as a unit, standing and sharing the company’s difficulties. Days filled with turbulence proved the strength of each Intracom member. Overcoming difficulties, Intracom grows and adapts every day.

Growing a multi-industry ecosystem

Today, Intracom has developed a multi-industry ecosystem, serving all aspects of Vietnamese life. In the past 19 years, Intracom has dominated the market in the fields of real estate, renewable energy, health care, financial investment, production of building materials… With many notable projects throughout Vietnam. Intracom’s mission is to improve the quality of life for every Vietnamese family.

With the goal of expansion in business and welcoming its 19th year, Intracom proactively participated against many challenges and had a lot of breakthroughs. In the new age, besides the projects that have been put into operation, Intracom will propel itself with a series of new projects about to be implemented such as offices, high-class apartments, resort real estate, senior nursing centers, cancer hospitals…

Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet and Intracom continue to invest in potential startups and develop and accompany the startup community.

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