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  • 5 October, 2018

Intracom gives charity gifts to 4 communes in Cam Thuy District, Thanh Hoa

In early September 2018, the storm suddenly hit many districts of Thanh Hoa Province. In Cam Thuy District, floodwaters divided the district’s communes including Cam Thach, Cam Thanh, Cam Binh and Cam Luong. In addition, the big flood destroyed a house completely and caused flooding at 8 school sites, some village cultural houses, commune cultural post offices, pumping stations, transformer stations and 3,978 households; and 3,474 households with about 19,000 inhabitants must be evacuated to safe places.

In order to share some of such burdens of the people, Intracom has planned and organized a program to give gifts to 1307 households of 4 most severely damaged communes of Cam Thuy District including Cam Thach, Cam Thanh, Cam Binh and Cam Luong. Total gifts of Intracom for the people here are over 13 tons of rice.

The program takes place successfully, and the people of 4 communes feel happy when receiving the concern and encouragement of the company. The coordination of the people is a great motivation for the Intracom officers to successfully implement this program.

This is a regular activity of Intracom to help people in the areas facing difficulties due to natural disasters. Although the gifts are not big, it is hoped to be a material and spiritual encouragement for the households in the above 4 communes, helping them to overcome the situation and improve their lives.

Intracom would like to thank the People’s Committees of the communes for facilitating us to carry out this activity.

Here are some photos of the charity program:









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