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Intracom foundation’s 18th anniversary

18 years is a long journey for Intracom with plans and projects, difficulties along with achievements and success. Starting from the construction industry, until now, Intracom has been continually innovating, becoming a multi-industry company, a professional investor, affirming its reputation and brand placement in the marketplace.

Experiencing a challenging and fluctuating year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Intracom celebrated the 18th anniversary with pride for minimizing the negative impact of the epidemic on businesses and production activities effectively, maintaining its place in the market. Thanks to the decisive and intelligent actions of the Board of Directors and the unanimous agreement of all employees.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet – Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of Intracom expressed his thanks to their partners, affiliated companies, and employees for accompanying Intracom on the 18-year journey. He also acknowledged the efforts and encouraged everyone to continue to strive for the goals ahead. The talented “captain” continued to set a new direction for Intracom in the next period: “We are developing 3 major areas: real estate, energy and medical and other industries. It is necessary to invest more in technology, working skills and focus on human resources. Each of us needs to improve our professionalism, flexibility and regularly enrich our knowledge. If we can do these things, there will be no difficulties that can restraint us. ”

That was a cold day but the celebratory atmosphere at the 26th-floor hall was cozy and emotional with the cake-cutting moment, the performance “Intracom Pride” by the youth union of Intracom. The ceremony was more exciting with the award of the writing contest “Intracom Pride”. The enthusiastic welcome of all employees in the system to many impressive articles showed their special feelings of them to the Intracom family.

Intracom’s 18th anniversary is an important event marking another milestone for the company, and It is also an opportunity to connect members of the Intracom family so that they will understand each other better. With the proper development orientation along with the constant association and effort of each employee, the Intracom brand will spread further and gain more success in the upcoming years.

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