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General introduction

Phuong Dong General Hospital was established by the investor, Infrastructure and Transport Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Intracom), consulted and developed by Vamed - the world's leading consultant in healthcare. economic.
Investing and developing a high-quality hospital is Intracom's cherished aspiration because this is not only an investment activity but it also has a profound social meaning, contributing to improving health and quality of life. for the Vietnamese. On the basis of researching advanced hospital models in the world, Intracom has decided to invest in building Phuong Dong General Hospital according to the model of a high-quality, world-class general hospital with perfect services. .

Phuong Dong General Hospital project has an area of ​​nearly 10 hectares, scale of more than 1000 beds and support service areas, located in Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi city. On the basis of Vamed's research and evaluation and assessments of domestic units, the participation of experts in the medical field as well as the advice of management experts. The Board of Directors has decided on a roadmap to implement and operate the Phuong Dong General Hospital project in phases, of which phase 1 will be completed in 2018 which is: Invest in 1 tower to operate the Hospital with 250 bed.

At the Hospital, all inpatient and outpatient rooms are built according to 5-star hotel standards. In particular, the VIP room system serves patients who require it. The hospital is invested with 2 Presidential rooms with special standards, large area, modern equipment, full security, guaranteed to serve when needed. Living rooms, inpatients are served with nutritious meals and on-site service.

To further improve medical examination and treatment, the hospital also has a system of medical centers to support with high technology such as:

- Rehabilitation area, tumor center, infertility and infertility center, endoscopy center, ...

- The communication system is also invested synchronously, connecting to all rooms of hospitals and medical centers at home and abroad, creating international professional links to strengthen the capacity of the public. medical care and training.

- Other technical infrastructure of the project such as waiting room, warehouse, laundry area, canteen, parking lot, elevator transportation system, waste treatment area, fire fighting area, are also built. and properly arranged.

Phuong Dong General Hospital is also designed based on the idea of green space, the hospital tower is located in the overall landscape with an air-conditioned lake, green tree system, walking area, sports area, etc. The coffee area gives patients a comfortable and friendly feeling like they are on vacation.
With the goal of intensive and sustainable development, training and scientific research, especially linking with medical training centers around the world, will be considered as one of the important tasks of the company hospital.

With the efforts, best efforts of the Board of Directors and strategic vision, Phuong Dong General Hospital has become one of the private hospitals with perfect services, meeting JCI standards with the motto "Courage every life".

Field of activity

Oriental General Hospital

Established history

After many continuous efforts of the Board of Directors and staff of CNBV, on September 24, 2018 Phuong Dong General Hospital officially received the "Certificate of Medical Examination and Treatment" No. 234/BYT – GPHD licensed by the Ministry of Health.
The Phuong Dong medical complex project (including Phuong Dong General Hospital) was established in 2010 and has been up to now for nearly 10 years. From project planning, project establishment, to project construction, all are carefully prepared through many strict control processes to ensure international standards for construction, exhaust environment as well as gas system. , fire protection…

Through the process of "pregnancy" up to now, the hospital has officially established and licensed:

– Name of hospital: Phuong Dong General Hospital

– English name: Phuong Dong General Hospital

– Location: No. 9, Vien Street, Co Nhue Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, City. Hanoi

– License number: No. 234/BYT-GPHĐ

– Organization form: General hospital

– Daily working time: 24 hours.

Phuong Dong General Hospital was built according to the model of a hotel hospital with international standards with a system of emergency rooms, 9 specialties and support service areas.

The hospital is invested synchronously with a system of clinics, inpatient and outpatient treatment, which are built according to 5-star hotel standards. Especially the system of VIP rooms with large area, modern equipment, on-site service to serve patients.

With the motto "Treasure each life", Phuong Dong General Hospital hopes to be a place where customers send their trust.

Mode of Operation

With the motto of sharing good values for society in terms of health care, Phuong Dong General Hospital was born marking a new step in the journey of "Shining with the country". Crystallizing its own values, Phuong Dong deserves to be the place to send all the trust of customers.

The power foundation from the investor

Built and established by Phuong Dong Medical Complex Co., Ltd - A member unit of Intracom Group, Phuong Dong General Hospital has a solid foundation of strength in all aspects, from financial capacity, medical human machines, facilities, technical infrastructure.

Intracom has been investing professionally in many fields including Real Estate; Hydroelectric; Health care; Finance; Build; Building materials; Industry - Green agriculture. Over 15 years of construction and development, Intracom has made a significant contribution to the economic - political - cultural development of Hanoi capital and the whole country.

In the field of Health Care, Intracom aims at an investment with profound social meaning, with the highest goal of providing high quality, comprehensive, friendly and open medical services to all citizen. Phuong Dong General Hospital is Intracom's next step on the journey of "Shining with the country".

Consulted and developed by the world's leading medical unit

Phuong Dong General Hospital is consulted and developed by Vamed – a group that has supported Vietnam's public health system for more than 20 years, especially with the goal of modernizing the hospital system. , can come as Cho Ray Hospital, K Hospital, An Giang Children's Hospital.

By multilateral cooperation, Phuong Dong General Hospital receives advice from international experts and professors, and is supported by hospitals and medical centers from Korea, Hungary, Israel, Japan, France…

Hospital leaders work with Israeli partners

Hospital leaders work with French partners

The largest non-public hospital

Space of Phuong Dong General Hospital

Located on the territory of Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi, the Phuong Dong International General Hospital project is built on an area of ​​9.5 hectares. With a total scale of 1,000 beds, Phuong Dong is the largest non-public hospital in Hanoi.

Besides, many other items are also invested such as the Center for Aesthetic and Physical Therapy, Center for Professional Training; Boarding house, Sports area, Anatomy and funeral home, ... with strategic vision according to 5-star standard, attracting customers in Southeast Asia.

Focus on social goals

Phuong Dong Hospital was built according to 5-star international standards, but according to the direction of the Board of Directors, Phuong Dong General Hospital strives to serve all types of people, regardless of rich or poor. Focusing on the responsibility of sharing with society, the hospital will create conditions for 20-30% of people entering the hospital with the best service to enjoy a reasonable price.

Phuong Dong Hospital for the elderly welcomes and examines the elderly towards the best, most comprehensive, dedicated and thoughtful health care service.

Containing its own core values, Phuong Dong General Hospital always wants to bring optimal medical services to everyone.


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