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Intracom cooperated with the Korean SK Group

SK Group is ranking at 4th out of the 10 largest trading groups of Korea. The representatives highly appreciated the opportunity to cooperate with Intracom Group based on the development and success of Phuong Dong General Hospital in the Vietnam healthcare industry.

At the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of Intracom, Chairman of the Board of Members of Phuong Dong Medical Complex emphasized that Intracom has mainly applied advanced, innovative, and high-quality model on Phuong Dong Medical Complex project including Phuong Dong General Hospital, Genetic and Stem Cell Research Center, Elderly Health Care Center, Beauty Center, Medical Training Centre, a residential area for employees and patient’s family. Phuong Dong General Hospital has initially become a prestigious medical examination and treatment location with a range of 250 hospital beds and has attempted to become a modern, high-class and comprehensive health care model according to international standards.

The trip between Intracom and SK Group at Phuong Dong General Hospital took place successfully, marking the first connection and strategic cooperation potential between Intracom and the top enterprise of Korea.

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