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Intracom checked skills and competed to improve workers’ level for workers operating in Lao Cai Electricity

For the purpose of checking skills, improving professional qualifications for the employees of the Electric Operating Enterprise workers under the Company, from 23 to 30 September 2015, Lower Construction Investment Joint Stock Company Floors and Transport (Intracom) and Lao Cai Vocational College have organized training on skills test for upgrading workers for officials and workers of the Company operating Nam Pung Hydropower Plant – Ta Flooding in Bat Xat district – Lao Cai province.

This round of testing focused on testing the professional qualifications and skills of operating the hydroelectric power plant of the workers so that the company can accurately assess its personnel capacity, thereby selecting individuals to achieve achievements. High, assigned to take important positions in factories, and at the same time screening personnel, ensuring the operation of Nam Pung hydropower plants, Ta Loi hydropower plants are safe and effective.

With a total of 55 workers participating in the skill improvement competition this time expresses the enthusiasm, determination, and effort of the workers at the Nam Pung hydropower plant group and Ta Loi hydropower plant in continuously reaching. up to contribute to the development of the company.

The organization of the exam took place seriously, the examination of skills closely matches the actual technical and operational expertise. And with careful preparation, all workers completed the test, in which up to 18 workers achieved good and excellent results, accounting for more than 30%.

The above result is an objective, honest reflection, and demonstrates the efforts and efforts to improve and improve the skills of Intracom’s hydropower plant operators.

Some pictures recorded at the test site:


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