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Intracom CEO Nguyen Thanh Viet invested VND 47,150 billion for start-ups

Famous among investors for a long time but Intracom is very tight with the media. Therefore, Intracom CEO – Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet was also very hesitant before deciding to accept an invitation to “sit in a hot seat” Shark Tank Vietnam program. The program with the mission of connecting start-up companies with potential investors has gone through the first season to air with 22 successful capital calls, committed to invest a total amount of 116.651 billion VND.

In the second season of the program, although appearing only in 4 episodes, CEO Intracom Nguyen Thanh Viet has invested in many special deals with a total amount of up to 47,150 billion VND, accounting for nearly half of the total investment season. before. In addition, as a precursor, he also has valuable share of practical business lessons and inspiring start-up stories.

Businesses committed by Mr. Viet to invest in the program include: Solar Heat, Tokai, Vina Banana, Plasma, CDTS. Notably, after the evaluation process of enterprises, Intracom invested in CDTS Company with 10 billion dong, double the amount committed to 5 billion on television. The investment signing ceremony took place as soon as Shark Tank season 2 was on the air.

As a person who has gone through a rather long time as a state-owned economy, then switched to a private economy, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet understood quite well the aspects related to state management, macroeconomic in general. and how to do private business. He believed that these experiences were enough for him and startups to find a common voice.

In parallel with investing in spearhead areas that have made Intracom brand such as real estate, construction, and clean energy, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet is currently expanding many areas of investment, in which he considers investment. For start-ups is an aspect to contribute to encouraging young people to create long-term values ​​for the community.

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