Intracom Group


– Investor: Infrastructure Investment and Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company (Intracom) under Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Corporation (Hadico).

– Starting: 2011

– Handover of house: At the end of 2014

– Location: Facing the road No. 32, near Cau Dien Market in the well-educated population area. The project is very close to Pham Hung and Le Duc Tho streets, so the traffic is convenient. From the project’s building, you can easily travel to every location of the Capital.

Details about the project:

It is near Vietnam University of Commerce, College of Printing Industry, Vietnam National University, BigC Supermarket, National Convention Center, My Dinh Stadium, My Dinh Station and many elementary schools, high schools, prestigious universities and banks and big shopping centers, etc.

Design: 25-floor building, with 2 basements.

Flexible offices

At INTRACOM 2 Apartment, the office area is arranged from the 2nd to 25th floor with spacious design, large and bright space, flexible office division, meeting all organizations and individuals that have different needs on area. At the same time, the central air-conditioning system and high-speed Internet connection will help the offices achieve optimal performance.

Close to the nature

The offices and apartments in INTRACOM 2 are designed in modern style, taking advantage of natural light, wind and sky without being confined. We believe that harmony with the natural environment will create a comfortable and relaxing psychology for those who live and work in the building.

Enjoying life

INTRACOM 2 concerns all factors that can help people enjoy every moment of this precious life. The high-grade wooden floors will help you relax in every step. The multi-purpose gyms will help you stay healthy and love life. The public service areas with cafes, restaurants, bars, etc. will contribute to improving the life quality and living space for the residents.

Standard infrastructure

The uniform and modern technical infrastructure system is a highlight of Intracom Tower. The central air conditioning system, parking basement is spacious and internal traffic roads are asphalted. Electricity, water supply and drainage, telephone, telecommunication, cable television systems, etc. all are installed underground, ensuring both aesthetics and safety for users.

Safety first

INTRACOM 2 has its own generators, effective fire alarm system; its garbage transfer pipes are made of fire-resistant materials and notification bell system is installed to the door of each household; CCTV and professional and hard-working security guards ensure the good security for 24/7 for your family’s peaceful life.

Building the future

INTRACOM 2 uses 1,000 m2 for the construction of kindergartens, children’s playgrounds, community quarters, and a large area for sport, relaxation and entertainment areas, flower gardens and green spaces, etc. Surrounding the building, there is a synchronous education system from primary schools to universities. The building is near Vietnam University of Commerce and the City’s prestigious schools such as Doan Thi Diem, Le Quy Don, Vietnam – Australia schools, etc., which are the education addresses required in the handbooks of parents who always wish to have a quality education for their children.

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