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Intracom brings Buddhism to business culture

Infrastructure and Transport Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (INTRACOM) is a large enterprise in the construction industry, with a scale of thousands of employees, annual turnover is up to thousands of billion dong. The leader of the company established a director living at the enterprise with the name Nine Hoa Son.

Intracom is building a business culture based on the Dharma foundation to make businesses a common home, a human-centered, building a peaceful life for individuals, businesses and communities.

The core nature of business culture is to demonstrate the ethics of business people, this value is expressed in honesty, credibility with customers, and responsibility to the community without running after profits or benefits. of individuals to make dishonesty or use all tricks to profit, including the exclusion of competitors in the marketplace.

Dharma and the value of business culture

Applying Buddhist philosophy to business is not a new field in our country, but not many businesses have applied successfully, because life and business are constantly moving, on the other hand, Kinh culture Sales are also evaluated from many angles.

Currently, many businesses have advocated to raise their prestige through business philosophies such as perfect customer service, customers are gods, believers are more precious than gold … similar philosophies Therefore, it has a long-term impact on sustainable development, demonstrating the business and cultural value of enterprises, and those philosophies largely stem from the philosophy of Buddha Dharma.

Leading element of business culture

Transport and Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company has successfully applied the Buddhist Dharma philosophy in business activities of enterprises.

We can understand that the “Compassion – Wisdom” culture that Intracom Company applies is: life as well as business, non-hated people, unhealthy competition that protects, creates value for each other to achieve the goal of being happy.

And the business philosophy of “Self-interest and benefit” is also synonymous with the benefits and happiness of many people, meaning that the business culture of Intracom expresses the following elements: Standards of lifestyle and culture ethnicity, honesty, wisdom, respect, proper implementation of law, responsibility to the community, sustainable development, creation for national interests; Thus we see, social responsibility has become the most important factor of business culture that Intracom applies.

Business culture identity for sustainable development

For sustainable development, every business has its own cultural identity, according to Assoc. Prof. Dao Duy Quat, Editor-in-Chief of the Communist Party of Vietnam, and the owner of the business plays a decisive role in building literature. business chemistry, because they are the direct operator, and is a cultural example for all members of the business to follow.

According to Venerable Thich Tri Chon, “Entrepreneurs work with a clear mind, benefit themselves, benefit people, see the false leg, see the rules, the changes in life and apply the vision to normal life Japanese businessmen will have a lot of fun even though their jobs are low and on the contrary, the work efficiency is very good, the career is successful but if the entrepreneur cannot find the inner peace moments, he cannot see the version. quality of life, taking fake feet, taking the means to do the salvation, entrepreneurs are still the poorest people in life: poor love, poor happiness, poor peace … “

Correlation between religion and life

For all thoughts and emotions that appear within the mind, there must be a deep analysis, which is the basic condition for our personality to become more and more perfect; A person who claims to be a Buddhist has a bad personality, a bad reputation, a person whose mind is alienated, the people who hate it cannot be considered a Buddhist.

Dharma teaches that: being a Buddhist, it can be criticized as a poor level of Buddhist learning, but cannot be criticized as a person who lacks personality, a bad person. It is impossible to have a Buddhist who is a treacherous person, who speaks unreasonably, is not trusted by anyone.

The Dharma goes into the world of business naturally to develop and integrate, the Dharma has the phrase: “Nothing is done in the life of the Dharma, but the life of the Buddha does not fix it.” Buddhism does not accept business at all costs, trampling on all values, qualities and conscience by all means to make money but forget the noble “mind” of people doing business.

Applying the Buddhist philosophy in business that Intracom is aiming for is: The personality must be perfected, life must be more happy and joyful as well as exercise health and dedication to the social community.

Buddhists must not dream, but must be alert or alert, know how to take the body and mind as an experimental object, and see the life we ​​live as an experimental environment, because all are in the treasure of the dharma realm, whoever deserves to enjoy long-term benefits, who is not worthy will soon be lost.

The businessman knows that all wealth and status are advanced by “heaven and earth”, I am just a household manager to carry out a certain mission in my life.

This shows that building a business culture is the incarnation of culture into the business of the business owner, because “humanity” is the foundation to build a “brand” of sustainable development. Intracom has understood this.



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