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Lao Cai is characterized by dense rivers and streams, evenly distributed through the two main rivers, the Red River and Chay River and 107 big and small streams. This geographical condition is very convenient for the construction of hydropower plants, serving the electricity demand and economic development of Lao Cai Province and the whole country.

Currently, in Lao Cai, many units have been granted with investment licenses for hydropower projects.  Infrastructure Investment and Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company (Intracom) is prominent as a breakthrough in the picture of hydropower plants.

As a company operating with a multi-industry model, Intracom has made its mark in areas such as: investment in real estate projects, power projects, health care services, finance investment, construction and installation activities, construction materials and commercial business, etc.

In any business field, Intracom always strives to fulfill its mission through every time mark. In addition, Intracom regularly integrates social activities into each of its projects, supporting villages where Intracom invests to build roads, village cultural houses, schools and many other welfare projects, helping these communes soon complete the program of building new rural areas. It also builds love houses and holds warm clothes program for children, charity activities, cultural exchanges with each localities, etc. In turn, it cannot help mentioning the great support and contribution of local people to Intracom projects. Each hydropower project or every building constructed by Intracom is soaked with sweat and effort of many native workers.

Showing its gratitude to enthusiastic hearts for a sustainability and development of Intracom, Infrastructure Investment and Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company constantly issues favorable and comprehensive mechanisms, policies and remuneration regimes for its staff and employees in the whole system. Besides, Intracom has always focused on improving the spiritual and material life of workers and laborers through good skill competitions, organizing physical and sport exchanges and training health following Uncle Ho.

In Lao Cai, Intracom’s hydropower projects have been put into stable operation, including Nam Pung Hydropower Plant; Ta Loi 3 and Ta Loi 2 hydropower plants, and in the future, Po Ho and Ta Loi 1 hydropower plants with a total installed capacity of 60MW will be put into operation. Every year, Intracom pays into the budget of Lao Cai province billions of dong. In addition, Intracom is investing in many hydropower projects with a total installation capacity of over 100MW in Son La, Thanh Hoa and Lai Chau provinces. In the areas where investment projects are implemented, Intracom has made efforts to improve people’s knowledge and create jobs for thousands of local workers, promoting the development of localities where Intracom invests.

It is known that the works – projects implemented by Intracom have contributed to socio-economic development, creating jobs, increasing income, stabilizing life for local people and creating new opportunities for the investors. Therefore, Intracom and other attractive remuneration policies always open arms to welcome workers across the country to join hands to build up works – projects with new status, applying innovative initiatives and the most advanced science – technology, bringing prosperity to the community.


According to Lao Cai Newspaper – 2018

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