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About the program “Contribute to build Truong Sa”

“Everyone can contribute to the construction of the island and the continental shelf of the Fatherland” – Vice Admiral Tran Thanh Huyen – Political Commissar of the Navy.


Each citizen contributes a stone, is an effective national foundation, meaning both spiritually and substantially, following the steps of his father to keep the land and help the Fatherland sovereignty more stable.


In more than 30 islands of Truong Sa island district, about 1/3 of the island points still need to be built and many degraded islands need to be reinforced.

This is a form for every Vietnamese citizen to have the opportunity to express their love to the Fatherland, with the sovereignty over the sea and islands, whether it is an artifact or an amount of contribution. Each stone from the mainland will contribute to the island being exalted and the sovereignty more firmly. Each contribution from the mainland will stick to the spirit of solidarity, “patriotism” of the Vietnamese nation.

In the spirit of “The whole country for Truong Sa – Truong Sa for the Fatherland” is full of national pride and pride, the Board of Directors of Infrastructure and Transport Construction Investment Joint Stock Company launches the Movement:

“Intracom for Truong Sa dear”


The staff of Intracom Company and many Buddhists of the Cuu Hoa Son School of Buddhism and Phat Tam joined in to contribute in the spirit of voluntariness.

For more information, please contact:

Communication Department – email:

All contributions please contact:

Ms. Phan Hai, Department of Organization – Administration

Tel: 024.37914111 – extension number 811

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