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Intracom attends the University of Finance and Business Administration’s Graduation Ceremony

Our representatives included Mrs. Bui Thi Thoa, the Vice Director of Intracom, and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kim Anh, Chief of Office.

After the coronation, Mrs.Thoa sent the warmest commendation to the student body and congratulated UFBA’s most recent alumni, and incites them to join the family of Intracom: “Intracom will always treasure our relationship with UFBA. As a diverse investment enterprise, Intracom will prepare lucrative opportunities for work, training, and personal development for promising students.”

Intracom and UFBA have established a profound and long-lasting relationship. The crucial step for the development and connection between both sides was the Cooperation Agreement in July of 2020. In the past, Intracom has consistently provided UFBA’s students an opportunity to visit, intern, practice, and experience the real work environment, to create a high-quality workforce.

With a promising journey ahead, Intracom and UFBA will put great effort into cooperating, cultivating the workforce of both sides in training, and utilizing talent, to strengthen the bond between the school and our business.

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