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Intracom and Radio Voice of Vietnam (VOV) football friendly fundraising

Today’s friendly football match has a special meaning with the purpose: “Raising charity for children in the highlands”, an activity organized by the VOV Youth League and the Political – Political System (VOV1) launched. Besides, this is an activity that contributes to improving the spirit of sports, improving health for staff, tightening solidarity, creating good relationships between 2 units.

Attending the match, there was Deputy General Director Intracom: Ms. Tran Thi Huong; Deputy Director of VOV1 system: Mr. Dang Quang Thuong and Intracom staff, reporters, editors, VOV youth union.

Before the match, Ms. Tran Thi Huong, Deputy General Director of Intracom awarded 20 million VND to VOV Youth Union, this is the amount that Intracom supported for the charity trip of VOV Youth Union to Vi Xuyen district, Ha Giang.

Ms. Tran Thi Huong – Deputy General Director of INTRACOM presented a gift of charity to Mr. Vu Tai Dung – Secretary of VOV Youth Union

In the 10th minute, striker Huy Nha of VOV’s team had a goal to open the scoring after a good match with his teammates. Before the end of the first half, the team of VOV team scored 2 more goals due to the work of Hung Cuong and Vinh Phong and 3-0 lead to the Youth team of Intracom.

Entering the second half, Intracom team with a number of changes in human resources and tactics had attacked strongly and removed two goals in the 35th and 40th minute thanks to the work of players Le Anh Dung and Le Chi Thanh, the game was pushed up dramatically when Intracom’s team kept pressing VOV’s goal to find the goal.

However, in an unfortunate afternoon, with the refusal of goals and crossbar, Intracom could not have equalized, in the final minutes of the match, in a sharp counterattack, striker Huy Phuong scored the goal to set a 4-2 victory for the VOV Youth League team.

Sharing the meaning of this match, Mr. Dang Quang Thuong – Deputy Director of VOV1 said: “This is a good match, but the most meaningful thing of this match is to raise money for charity. Ethnic minorities in Ngoc Linh and Minh Tan communes, Vi Xuyen district, Ha Giang are two communes that belong to difficult communes in the border area of ​​the country, the lives of people are still hard with half of the households belonging to poor households; students must study in the lack of learning equipment, desks, pens, warm clothes, food, electricity and water shortages, etc. Thereby, on behalf of the Voice of Vietnam, the Youth Union In Dai Dai, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the leader of Intracom company for having a beautiful gesture with the heart: “a good leaf covers torn leaves”.

And Ms. Tran Thi Huong, Deputy General Director of Intracom said: “Charitable activities, helping our people are still difficult. With the motto of good leaves to help with torn leaves, Intracom also wants to contribute a little effort with Radio. saying Vietnam needs essential items, necessary to support people in difficulties, especially people in border areas and the havens of the country, such as Vi Xuyen, Intracom itself is also a unit The tradition of charity work, helping difficult circumstances, hopefully, this event is a premise to be accompanied by the Voice of Vietnam in the next programs, and in the game, thank you very much for the players. The two teams have offered fans a dramatic and fair play match.

Some pictures of the match:

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