Intracom Group

Intracom and its journey to shine with Vietnam

Transformative movement

Infrastructure and Transport Investment Construction Joint Stock Company (Intracom), formerly known as Urban Transport and Infrastructure Construction Investment company, is 100% state-owned. Therefore, in 2006, Intracom privatized itself.

From the privatization, Intracom began directing capital and proactively invested in big projects of clean energy such as the following powerplants: Tà Lơi 1, Tà Lơi 2, Tà Lơi 3, Pờ Hồ, Nậm Pung (Lao Cai), Cam Thuy 1 (at Thanh Hóa).

Cam Thuy 1 Powerplant

Intracom hydroelectric power plants optimize water resources, providing energy to Vietnam’s electrical system. Moreover, the projects also provide agricultural irrigation water. Intracom’s project has fulfilled Intracom’s mission of contributing to the local and national socio-economic development; as well as opening a new chapter for Intracom’s journey

To achieve the dream of a multi-industry ecosystem, Intracom invested in the resort real estate expansion in 2021

With energy as its starting milestone, Intracom has laid a robust foundation for the next phase of growth. Not confined to a certain field, Intracom strives to become a multi-industry economic group.

Besides energy, another highlighted field of growth in Intracom is real estate. To create a peaceful space for customers, Intracom has built a series of high-rise buildings and offices such as Intracom Trung Van, Intracom Phuc Dien, and Intracom Riverside… From the demand, we have received positive reviews, which helped in creating an ideal living space and solving housing needs for people with low to middle incomes within Hanoi.

Intracom Riverside Project

Carrying that momentum, Intracom expanded its ecosystem to medical care with Phuong Dong Medical Complex with multiple categories related to treatment and leisure such as General Hospital, Nursing home; Research and Training department, and high technical service.

In 2019, Phuong Dong General Hospital – the first project in the Phuong Dong Medical Complex Project was officially opened. This event marks a new milestone in the development of Intracom, a mark on the journey of “Shining with Vietnam”. Built on Western medical influence with Eastern culture, Phuong Dong General Hospital has expertise in medical care and examination services and is rated as one of the largest non-public hospitals in Vietnam.

Constantly improving our customer experience, Intracom also invested in the production of natural medicine and, shortly, resort service. Investing in resort real estate – an area that many businesses have done; however, with the mission of bringing harmony and happiness to customers, Intracom will break through and create its footprint within our projects.

Intracom’s flag bearer

The only person who can represent Intracom is Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet. Under his leadership, vision, and mind, he guided Intracom into its drastic development to reach the success that it has today.

Sharing about his success, in 2018, Intracom’s Chairman made a long-lasting impression as the investor in Shark Tank Vietnam – a TV show where startups present their business ideas to raise capital from investors. This year, Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet continues his streak with the desire to inspire and support startups. In return, Shark Viet receives the businessman’s happiness of being capable to help and support promising talents.

Under the guidance of Shark Nguyen Thanh Viet, thousands of Intracom employees are working tirelessly with customer satisfaction as its final goal.
With a competent leader and a qualified staff, Intracom has expanded itself into multiple member companies. In each field of activity, Intracom asserts itself as a pioneer and a powerhouse. Intracom never forgets its mission to contribute to Vietnam’s development.

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