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Intracom and BIDV – My Dinh Branch signs an investment cooperation contract for Tower A of Intracom Riverside Project

Intracom Riverside is a high-rise housing and office project invested by Intracom. It is located in Vinh Ngoc commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi. The project consists of three 39-storey buildings, located close to the foot of Nhat Tan Bridge, with beautiful view overlooking the Red River, convenient to travel to the center of Hanoi and connected to the surrounding areas. In addition, the project also integrates many facilities right at the buildings such as: entertainment center, shopping center, sport center, restaurants, cafes, Phuong Dong polyclinics, etc., to ensure the essential needs of residents.

Currently, the project’s Tower B and Tower C including 1,036 apartments have been roofed and are in the process of finishing, meeting the project schedule set by Intracom Riverside investor. Remarkably, thanks to its beautiful location, open space, diversified facilities and reasonable prices about VND 1 billion, more than 80% of Intracom Riverside’s apartments are now sold. A few remaining apartments have just been launched into the market and are being welcomed by customers.

Intracom Riverside’s apartments are modern and comfortable.

Keeping the progress of Intracom Riverside project, the investor, Intracom, continues to carry out the construction of Tower A, the offices, with a total investment of VND 557.8 billion. It is expected that after completion, the project will provide hundreds of thousands of square meter of offices for market demand.

As a partner of Intracom Riverside project during construction and completion, BIDV Bank, My Dinh branch has signed a cooperation contract to provide the capital for Tower A of the project with investment level of 380 VND billion, accounting for 68.13% of total investment capital of Tower A.


This is a new phase of the project, helping the investor to fully push the progress of Intracom Riverside project. Accordingly, Tower A of offices, after being completed, will be put into operation together with the remaining two towers, creating a perfect complex, providing the Hanoi real estate market with the best quality products, satisfying the demand of living, working and enjoying of residents.

In particular, this cooperation contract marks the trust and strong cooperation relationship between the two units, Intracom and BIDV, which are strategic partners in not only Intracom Riverside project but also in many big projects in the past, forming the foundation for many strategic activities for the next projects.

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