Intracom Group

Intracom actively stabilizes the source of construction materials

Intracom is a famous brand in the field of construction investment with hundreds of works including complexes of offices, hydropower, public works, industrial … all over the country.

Understanding the importance and activeness of the supply of local materials in construction, Intracom has invested in expanding the field of manufacturing raw materials in place to supply construction works in general and construction works. Intracom’s construction in particular.

Currently, in the works of Intracom, especially hydropower projects located in upstream areas difficult terrain, requires a lot of time, costs for transporting materials, Intracom are organized production of on-site materials such as sand, stone, commercial concrete, compressed bricks to actively build. As a result, Intracom’s works not only maintain the construction progress but also control product quality strictly.

In addition, in order to serve the market demand in general, Intracom also provides construction materials for customers and partners in need.

Facing the advantages of proactive material source, and especially the increasing construction demand of the market, construction material production has been and will continue to be one of the areas of Intracom area. extreme investment.

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