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International Women’s Day at Intracom: Lots of happiness and smiles

“Housework as country work” – a tough mission to Vietnamese women in general and Intracom women in particular. Nevertheless, due to the persistence and great laboriousness, Intracom women have successfully balanced the participation to Intracom’s wealth and their private life.


Intracom women always play an important role in every plan of hydroelectricity, real estate, healthcare, construction as advisors, deputy general directors, directors, department heads, etc.


Infrastructure and Transport Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Intracom) gave presents full of appreciation and admiration as their sincerest gratitude to company female employees on the day of honoring women.


Intracom would like to wish Intracom women in particular and all Vietnamese women, in general, a day of March 8th full of beauty, happiness, and health to continue to devote themselves to the development of Intracom and society.


Đánh giá
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