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International Children’s Day 2020 at Intracom

June 1st is International Children’s Day – a children’s festival full of attentiveness and caringness for all children around the world, regardless of region, skin, ethnicity, or religion to enjoy.



This day is also an opportunity for the Intracom Board of Directors and Trade Union to expose the concern about employees’ children’s spiritual life. This year, due to the complication of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Intracom Board of Directors decided to send incentive gifts to the children under 14 years old of employees in the Intracom system instead of organizing a festival as usual.


Little gifts and good wishes have exposed the Company’s attention to children’s happiness and gratitude to their parents who are dedicating themselves to Intracom’s development.


Hopefully, after the Covid19 epidemic has been controlled, children will have opportunities to participate in many meaningful and playful learning and playing activities this summer.

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