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Highly profitable values, great fengshui and convenience, river-nearby house to be interested.

River-nearby house, favorable feng shui and clean environment

Hanoi is rapidly developing; urban areas and roads are built and developed “speedily”, together with the convenience of living and traveling, the influence on health by the environmental impacts has also become an issue that many people are worried about. Living and breathing in the places with fresh air is gradually becoming a prerequisite for many young families with modern thoughts to find apartments to settle.

Therefore, the projects built along the rivers are paid special attention from many people. It is because these project are not only the places where people will immediately feel the difference in living environment, but also where many people believe they are the choice of the future investment and rental. There are not many riverside real estate projects in Hanoi because the land fund is very little, especially in the beautiful location with convenient traffic and connection.

According to many fengshui experts, the “Water” element is very important to help bring wealth and luck to homeowners. The house surrounded by the rivers brings positive energy, not only helping homeowners grow, but also help them have a peaceful life, good children, good health and spirit and intelligence. Therefore, in order to compensate for the Water element, the investors often use works such as lakes, swimming pools, artificial rivers, etc., in their projects to bring harmony in design and convenience in fengshui. However, the best feng shui is still natural one with a harmonious flow, and “Water” is only good when the water is circulated and pure with the fresh flowers creatures around.

Intracom Riverside project is located right next to the Red River, at the foot of Nhat Tan Bridge, on the new, convenient and modern traffic axis, thus it becomes the focal point and the place that really converges the most basic elements of fengshui for a beautiful project: near town, near river, and near road.

According to the studies of geographic fengshui and good layer of earth, the land of “long chau ho phuc” of Thang Long – Hanoi is created by two main mountain chains starting from Ba Vi Mountain (in the West) and Tam Dao Mountain (in the East), and in parallel with Tam Dao Mountain is the Red River that shapes like a dragon stretching along the Southeast – Northwest axis. Accordingly, the southern bank area (the sandbank) of the fork of the Red River – Duong River located in the land strip of Phu Thuong – Nhat Tan around West Lake is the “Dragon Head” where the vitality condensates and the lucky elements are considered the most beautiful in Hanoi in terms of fengshui. Located in a position that may be considered the focal point of the “Dragon Head” area, Intracom 8 Residence not only opens an unlimited view to the West Lake, Red River, Nhat Tan Bridge but also inherits all the natural beauty of the landscape of this area, as well as fresh and airy environmental conditions.

Convenient transportation and high profitability

Intracom Riverside project is located in the detailed plan of construction of Nhat Tan – Noi Bai axes, one of the key spaces that plays the role of connecting the traffic of the Capital center with the national air gateway space, connecting urban areas along the Red River, creating a typical urban image of the Capital with urban-level public service centers, cultural centers, exhibition centers, medical and commercial centers of international and regional class.

The apartments at Intracom Vinh Ngoc project will inherit all the infrastructure and utilities of the building as well as the whole project. From this location, it takes residents only a few minutes to travel to the city center and a range of other central and important areas such as the West Lake, Metro, Ciputra, Hoa Binh Park, Kim Quy Park (compared with Disney Land) or Noi Bai International Airport.

One of the bright points of Intracom Riverside project is that the investor launches Little Family apartment product. This is a product line suitable with the budget as well as actual needs of customers.  Little Family apartment has a diverse design of the area (apartments are designed from 46m2 to 76m2), offering customers more reasonable choices.

Among the product lines that Intracom has launched to the market, the Little Family apartment line is said to be a new product line that is paid attention by many customers, especially intellectuals and young families.


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