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Hard workers on New Year’s Day

For every Vietnamese, Tet is irreplaceable. After a year of tiresome work, Tet allows people, and families to gather, rest, and give friends – family an amazing New Year. But in Intracom’s Hydropower plants, a few were able to enjoy the occasion due to work.

Mr. Pham Ngoc Hieu – the Deputy Director of Nam Pung’s Hydroelectric plant shared: “Nam Pung’s operators are not fortunate to celebrate Tet. People who are close by, if not at work, can enjoy the festivities with their families. For everyone else, we have to adhere to the intensive work schedule. No one is special. Everything is to ensure work productivity and goal effectiveness.

Workers in the operation of Nam Pung’s plant

Perhaps, getting used to and understanding work, most operators of Intracom’s plants are very satisfied with their contribution.

Mr. Ru Van Quan – Ta low 3’s operator shared: “My house is very close to the plant, therefore I didn’t hesitate to contribute to the plant’s operation. I am extremely happy to work.”

Mr. Vi Van Ha working within Ta Loi 2 Factory smiled: “I don’t have a family, so working in Tet is normalized for me. Besides, all my brothers are at work with me. My home is in Lao Cai city, so I am appointed with the first shift today and the third shift tomorrow. So between the shifts, I can celebrate Tet with my parents.”

Workers at Intracom’s hydropower plants work throughout Tet, ensuring the best operation of the units

Everyone wants to have a complete Tet. But for the plant’s operation, they were willing to spend spring their way. The familiar of machines day and night, a sound so familiar that it would be out of place without it. At the central control room, whether it was on New Year or just a regular day, each officer and worker attentively monitor parameters, detects problems, timely adjusts capacity, ensuring the continuous operation of the engine units.

Concentration showcased by operators within the plants

“My brothers are highly concentrated, being able to detect and solve problems on the spot, ensuring operational success. Therefore, we have no negligence even at Tet. Each brother understands his importance, but our spirits are relaxed despite the focus” – Mr. Pham Ngoc Hieu – Deputy Director of Nam Pung Hydropower Plant shared.

During Tet, everyone gathers with their families and welcomes Spring with shimmering lights and joyful music. Yet in a remote and attractive mountainous area, hydroelectricity workers are still hard at work, silently, quietly but filled with responsibility. For them, spring arrives especially.

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