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Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10

Over 18 years of construction and development, Intracom always strives for outstanding growth and development with the goal of “Shining with the country”. Contributing to the achievements of Intracom today is a great effort of all women in the company. In any position, Intracom women are always enthusiastically dedicating their strength and wisdom with a high sense of responsibility. Many women have strived to become good leaders and managers, promoted their management ability, and achieved many outstanding achievements in their work.

The Board of Directors of Intracom would like to send our most sincere thanks to all-female staff and employees. Wishing all Intracom women always healthy, beautiful, radiant, full of joy, success, and happiness. Expecting you to keep spreading the good qualities of Vietnamese women in the new era. Together, Intracom is growing stronger and stronger, steadily move on the way to reach other mountains.

Responding to love, Intracom women would like to express sincere thanks to the men of the Company for sharing their difficulties and especially giving good wishes and meaningful gifts during the internal cozy meeting, full of solidarity under the common beloved family of Intracom.

With all our best, Intracom would also like to wish for all Vietnamese women on October 20th full of joy, happiness, and success in work and life.

Đánh giá
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