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Happiness on the women’s day at Intracom

On October 20th, 1930, the Vietnam Anti-imperialism Women’s Union (later known as the Vietnam Women’s Union) was established.

The establishment of the Vietnam Women’s Union represents the policy of the Communist Party of Vietnam that is “Equality between men and women” and national liberation associated with women’s liberation. At the same time, it affirms the important role of women in the revolution and class liberation.

Vietnam is a country whose development is based on wet rice civilization, focusing on agriculture and handicrafts. As a result, the main labor forces throughout the history are women who are considered to be weak.

As a country that is suffered by invasions, the resilience and indomitableness of Vietnamese women has become an extremely impressive identity. Their achievements have been recognized by Uncle Ho, who awards them 8 golden words “Heroism – Determination – Faithfulness – Resourcefulness”. They are resilient soldiers in the revolution against the invaders, the solid rearer that carry out the production to support tremendous power for the front line, and are those who preserve the cultural identity of a heroic ethnicity. Somewhere we still remember the image of nearly 13,000 women who participated in the Xo Viet Nghe Tinh movement; Ms. Nguyen Thi Thap leading the struggle of more than 4,000 farmers in My Tho; Vo Thi Sau, the volunteer police team member in the Red Land – indomitable until the last moments.

And there are countless images of other Vietnamese women in both wartime and peacetime. The Vietnamese women’s endurance to hardness and difficulties cannot be compared; one hand holding the gun, other hand doing their work, and their baby carried on their back is what even men can hardly do, but many generations of women consider it normal, should do and deserve to do.

In life, they are resourceful and gentle mothers and wives who have given birth to many generations of heroes and who keep the faith to come back home of many generations of men. They are those who nurture and protect the children – the future of the country.

Unlike feudalism when women were looked down, subject to oppression, exploitation and injustice, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam in the liberation of women, women now are more and more equal and not inferior to men in every aspect of life. Women can be the owners of successful businesses and keep important positions in the society. In the family, women sometimes play a major role in taking care of children and are the foundation for family’s happiness.

However, we still see somewhere the small injustices that come from the men’s ignorance in respect of equal rights when they have not respected the role of women.

Therefore, on October 20, all the people in the country are extremely happy to celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day. It is also a day to remind us to be more aware of the power, roles and importance of women in the family and society.

With the joyful atmosphere these days, Infrastructure Investment and Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company (Intracom) has brought joy to the female staff and employees in the company.

Although the gifts are not materially significant, they contain a special affection and concern that the company offers to every woman on the day of honoring them.

Intracom would like to thank, send to all female employees of Intracom in particular and all Vietnamese women in general the most respectful congratulations. We wish women to have a happy day, October 20th, with their loved ones. Wishing you always healthy and beautiful, to continue to contribute to the happiness and development of the society.

Here are some photos of Vietnamese Women’s Day (October 20th, 2018) at Intracom:

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