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“Green Office, Green Life” – Small Actions bring Big Benefits

At Intracom, the “Green Office – Green Life” campaign is a solution to strongly improve employees’ working productivity and the aesthetics of the workspace by lessening negative impacts on health and the environment, at the same time avoid unnecessary expenses.


The inspection results showed that Intracom’s employees enthusiastically participated in the Green Office – Green Life campaign launched from April 13th to May 3rd, 2019 by decorating beautiful green tree pots on their working tables to purify the air and decrease the bad effects of computers and electronics devices on health.


Besides, printing 2-sided paper, reusing one-sided paper, saving water and electricity, arranging documents neatly are campaign activities helping to search for information and preserve office property. The “Green Office – Green Life” has spread a great influence on the consciousness of each employee and their family members as well as the entire society.


Some pictures of Intracom’s Green Office – Green Life movement:













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